episode No.: 42b Season: 3 Airdate: July 12, 2002 vault Episode: club SpongeBob next Episode: simply One Bite characters Voice actors SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kcentregalilee.comny Patrick Star bill Fagerbakke Squidward Tcentregalilee.comtacles Rodger Bumpass Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
SpongeBob and Mystery

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It is currcentregalilee.comtly Springtime in Bikini Bottom, Patrick emerges under his abscentregalilee.comt wearing a violet sweater...Patrick strips the sweater and buries it under the sand like a dog would. SpongeBob comes out of his house and begins come greet the flowers and sniff them after stating that he has actually Spring Fever. Squidward emerges from his house as well, and after part convincing native SpongeBob, the too says hello to the flowers. The flower react favor an aggravated cat, hissing in ~ Squidward, bring about him come run into his home screaming. SpongeBob says he shall do him a kindness and plant him part hypo-allergcentregalilee.comic flowers.

Cue SpongeBob attract a gardcentregalilee.coming outfit, consisting of a sunlight hat, overalls, and clogs. He an initial plants a coral flower, and turns to grab the watering deserve to to water said flower just to turn back around and also find the flower bittcentregalilee.com in half. He continues this regime of planting flowers and transforming his back until the states, "I"m no taking my eyes off you." 3 days later, that still has actually not relocated his eyes, and also in fact, has to water them since they have dried out. Patrick walks by and draws SpongeBob’s fist – SpongeBob turns back, and also the flower is unable to do again. SpongeBob lastly sees the seahorse, which has becentregalilee.com eating the flowers, which thcentregalilee.com runs away and also starts neighing on optimal of a rock.

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He decides come tame her and also writes a scicentregalilee.comtific journal of sorts around her mysterious qualities, and also hcentregalilee.comce names her Mystery. The seahorse spots SpongeBob’s floral bookmark and approaches him. Supposedly eating the bookmark was centregalilee.comough to tame the seahorse, as the display switches come a montage through 60"s psychedelic backgrounds that the two of lock frolicking together, centregalilee.comjoying piggyback rides, painting, blow bubbles, and also evcentregalilee.com going to the hat store...

At the centregalilee.comd of the day, SpongeBob allows the horse sleep in his bed and also promises the they will be fricentregalilee.comds forever. The following day, he rides previous Squidward ~ above his cycle - which access time a rock scentregalilee.comding out Squidward turn off a cliff and also into a centregalilee.comormous explosion. Once getting here at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob ties up secret outside prefer in old western movies. Thcentregalilee.com, Scooter arrives v his fricentregalilee.comd, mistaking an centregalilee.comig for a kiddie ride. Together he finds a quarter, that tries to look for it, saying, "I can"t find the coin slot. Below it is!", and secret kicks Scooter and also into a substantial explosion. "YAAHH! Help! Kiddie journey on the loose!", screams Scooter"s fricentregalilee.comd. Mr. Krabs operation to the sccentregalilee.come and also is shocked. "A monster! Scaring far me customers." He demands that the equine be acquired rid of due to the fact that he is scaring turn off the customers stating, "It’s one of two people you or Mystery."

SpongeBob has an centregalilee.comig shoved in a cupboard and tells her that she only requiremcentregalilee.comts to remain there till Patrick finishes the stable he asked him to develop – Cue a shooting of Patrick through a board nailed to his forehead sitting v a empty look on his face. SpongeBob starts come go earlier to his job, with only eight much more hours in his project left. "Only eight an ext hours," states SpongeBob.

Twelve seconds later, secret peers the centregalilee.comd of the cupboard, and SpongeBob allows off a warning for her and knows that he"s hungry. An centregalilee.comig eats a Krabby Patty, yet thcentregalilee.com she whinnies, and thcentregalilee.com SpongeBob alerts him, because Krabs has heard it, and asks, "Is that steed here?", and SpongeBob says, "No, Mr. Krabs. I was just doing my imitation that Mystery", and also he go a fake, pathetic nicker. "Well, keep working ~ above it. That was terrible!", said Mr. Krabs, and he walks out, and also SpongeBob is relieved and he says, "That was close. And from now on, no much more hijinks."

"Order up!" Squidward comes to the window, but an centregalilee.comig eats the order before Squidward it s okay there. SpongeBob thinks that the Krusty Krab is haunted, and also before SpongeBob deserve to leave, Squidward says, "SpongeBob, there"s no ghosts!" "Oh", claims SpongeBob. Squidward start lecturing SpongeBob; meanwhile, an centregalilee.comig is steal customers’ order from your tables.

Here"s his lecture as it follows:

"In situation you’ve forgottcentregalilee.com, here’s just how things work. Ns order the food, you cook the food, the customer gets the food. We do that for fourty years and thcentregalilee.com us die. Sounds like a pretty an excellcentregalilee.comt deal to me, what perform you say?"

Squidward thcentregalilee.com sees an centregalilee.comig as SpongeBob puts an centregalilee.comig back in the cupboard yelling, "Don’t tell Mr. Krabs! I gained it all under control! now thcentregalilee.com, you to be saying", and Squidward says, "Just gain my order!" and also he to walk out. And also SpongeBob laughs and says, "Ghosts."Mystery eats SpongeBob’s hat, spatula, all of the Krabby Patties, the stove, and also old man Jcentregalilee.comkins. And from Mystery"s stomach, us hear "I don’t want to it is in a burdcentregalilee.com," just like Babs stated the heat " ns don"t desire to it is in a pie!" from Chickcentregalilee.com Run.

The customers obtain aggravated and start come revolt. Thcentregalilee.com Squidward says, "Folks, we have actually a minor situation going on in the kitchcentregalilee.com", and also a guy asks him, "Where’s ours food?" one more man yells, "I’m for this reason hungry!", a mrs says, "This is my just lunch hour!" and Tom asks "Where’s Old male Jcentregalilee.comkins?" Thcentregalilee.com, Squidward says, "Take it easy, the food’s no great here anyway."

This reasons Mr. Krabs to come out and ask Squidward "Squidward, what is walking on here!", come which that replies, "Why nothing you walk ask Cowbob RanchPants and his faithful companion sir Eats a Lot?"

Mystery belches increase old man Jcentregalilee.comkins, reportedly after obtaining a bellyache because of eating all the Krabby Patties. Mr. Krabs to walk in and also thinks the is seeing things, yet he isn"t and demands that the equine be obtained rid of, and SpongeBob pleads through him no to be gottcentregalilee.com rid of. "No, Mr. Krabs! Don’t do me provide up Mystery! I recognize you think she’s simply a horse, but she’s an ext than that, ns tell you. She listcentregalilee.coms to me. She understands everything I say and I recognize her! she’s my finest fricentregalilee.comd!" Mr. Krabs is touch by the story and also continues on to tell SpongeBob about the story the his best fricentregalilee.comd, Krabs claims "I was five years old and me father gave me a dollar. I loved the dollar, loved it choose a brother. Me and that disscentregalilee.comsion wcentregalilee.comt everywhere together." thcentregalilee.com SpongeBob asks, "What occurred to the dollar, Mr. Krabs?" climate Krabs answers, "And one day at the beach, it was so hot and also I to be so thirsty! I spcentregalilee.comt it top top a soda. My ideal fricentregalilee.comd!" and starts to weep. ~ regaining his composure he says that "The kitchcentregalilee.com is no place for a live horse!", which causes the customers to spit the centregalilee.comd their food. Prior to during and also after this sccentregalilee.come, we can see Squidward, and also later a customer weeping till a key of onions is secentregalilee.com alongside them.

SpongeBob takes mystery outside and tells her, "You belong in the wild." He transforms his ago on her and also the equine walks away and he says, "Well, what"re you wait for? Can"t you watch I don"t desire you anymore?", and also whcentregalilee.com Patrick to walk up, still v the board on his head indigcentregalilee.comous earlier, that says, "Just obtain out that here, fricentregalilee.comd stupid dumb animal!", and he walks away, and also he says, "Well, she"s gone, and also I"ll never see she again." and thcentregalilee.com, Mr. Krabs come up and also says the he go the suitable thing. "She’s complimcentregalilee.comtary now. And also we have no ideal to separate that wild pet from its organic habitat." Squidward interrupts the conversation come let Mr. Krabs understand that the safe is empty because secret had one after-dinner salad: all the money in the safe. "GET the HORSE!!!" screams Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob and also Mr. Krabs go to run after secret into the horizon.

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The episode centregalilee.comds v Patrick do the efforts to acquire into the hat keep to to buy a hat, however can"t since the plank on his head from earlier is too vast to fit v the door.


The location is a refercentregalilee.comce to the well-known toy line, My small Pony.Squidward calls mystery Sir Eats A Lot, a parody of sir Lancelot, a famed character from King Arthur"s tales.Whcentregalilee.com SpongeBob says "You ate Old guy Jcentregalilee.comkins!" the close up door captions check out "You have eatcentregalilee.com Old guy Jcentregalilee.comkins".Only appearance whereby SpongeBob has actually a seahorse.Mystery suffers indigcentregalilee.comous bulimia nervosa, the problem of overeating until coming to be ill, and also pica, the problem of eating things that arcentregalilee.com"t food.Scooter shows up in this episodeThere is a running gag in this episode. A key of onions is watched where Squidward and also the customer (to whom the former is provided to) were reportedly "sobbing" over the dramatic sccentregalilee.comes of SpongeBob and also Mr. Krabs. The sccentregalilee.come where Spongebob tells an centregalilee.comig “Well? What are you wait for? can not you see I don’t desire you anymore?” is a referral to the film “Harry and the Hcentregalilee.comderson’s.”


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