Thanks come Lisa Byrnes the Clairemont, i now have the topic because that my next CandyBlog! Lisa asks, "Can friend tell me why Mars Bars disappeared... And can only be uncovered in dark coco English layout now?" 
Disclaimer: The opinions to express in the above quotes do not have to reflect the views of CandyGirl or any kind of of her affiliates. Ns apologize if George W. Bush, English palates, or the devices of the High 5 Bar space hurt or offended by the above opinions.

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While all of these theories space truly fascinating, nobody of them define the strange and sudden loss of the "original" Mars bar in 2000. However first, a little background lesson on the Mars candy Company, which ns will refer to from right here on out together "The Nougat Empire". Monitor closely, deciphering Mars corporate history is a small like unravelling the Da Vinci Code.
The Mars Candy company started in 1911 once "The King that Nougat", candid C. Mars, started selling butter creme candies from his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington. One thing brought about another, and also by 1929, the Nougat realm had relocated to Chicago, where they do their nougat-filled confections come this day. In 1932, the King the Nougat gave his son, Forrest E. Mars, part seed money and the Milky method recipe so the he can start his very own candy company. The Prince of Nougat cruised off come England to find his fortune, and began selling the Mars Bar, which us in the States called a Milky Way. The Mars Bar was introduced in the United says in 1936 with a slightly various formula, because the English Mars Bar already existed in the United states as the Milky Way. The United says Mars Bar included nougat and also almonds topped v caramel and also covered in cacao as protest to nougat, caramel and also dark chocolate. And everyone was happy (if no a small confused) till 2000, when the Mars Bar mysteriously disappeared.

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The MARS ALMOND BAR is no longer being marketed. Instead we have taken the MARS ALMOND BAR and amplified the formula to produce a much better tasting chocolate and also almond bar. The brand-new bar is being remarketed as SNICKERS ALMOND BAR.SNICKERS ALMOND BAR is now easily accessible in stores. Us hope girlfriend will give it a try.Have a good day!Your Friends at Mars Snackfood US
While this doesn"t really answer the concern of why, that does prove that at least the Mars tradition of constantly transforming a candy"s name is alive and also well! but all kidding aside, I determined to operation over come the 7-11 across the street and also give this new and enhanced formula a try. Permit me begin by saying that there are numerous blogs out there dedicated to tasting and rating candy v a device so elegant and an accurate that it would put the best French sommelier come shame. This is not one of those blogs. Yet my humble opinion the this liquid bar is this: if you love nougat, the King of Nougat will certainly not disappoint you in this liquid bar. Is it specifically the exact same as the initial U.S. Mars bar? not quite, however it"s quite darn good. Ns agree v our friends at Mars Snackfood us - friend should give it a try.