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at carry out Sea monster Eat? cross out package containing each correct answer. When you finish, create the letters from the remaining boxes in the spaces in ~ the bottom of the page.

A piece of plywood 24 inches vast is fabric. She used $ of the cloth to reduced into strips 2$- customs wide. How make a chicken costume. Exactly how much numerous strips of this width have the right to be cut? towel did she use? - yd

The distance a bicycle travels v each 4

the 4 days prior to her last math test. Turn of its wheels is around 3 t time the What to be the mean amount of time tires diameter. The tires on Mike"s she studied every day? h 1 bicycle have actually a diameter that 2 4 1 inches.

How far does that travel v each turn of
) there is much less gravity on the planet the wheels? in.

Trang 보다 on Earth. In fact, you could 2 1 jump around 2 3 times as high ~ above Trang
an aquarium stop 6 7 gallons of


as ~ above Earth. If you have the right to jump water. The water level has dropped to 4

4$ feet on Earth, exactly how high could you that this amount. Exactly how much water must jump ~ above Trang? ft be added to fill the aquarium?

- festival
Sean used cup of street to make a it require to fill a gas tank the holds dozen brownies. Just how much street is in

1 1 6 2 gallons? mi n every brownie? - CUP

C-68 middle SCHOOL MATH through PIZZAZZ! book C subject 5-e: difficulty Solving: mixed Applications O creative Publications


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