What are Predicate Adjectives? (with Examples)

A property adjective is one adjective that adheres to a linking verb and modifies (i.e., describes) the topic of the linking verb.

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A property adjective contrasts v an attributive adjective, which generally sits immediately before the noun it modifies. For example:

Examples of predicate Adjectives

Below space some examples of property adjectives. In this examples, the predicate adjective is shaded and the subject being modified is in bold.Lee
seems drunk.(The linking verb is "seems.")Everything is funny as lengthy as the is continue to someone else.(The linking verb is "is.")If you watch good, friend don"t require a function in life. (The linking verb is "look.")What have the right to you say around a culture which states that God is dead, and Elvis is alive?(In both cases, the linking verb is "is.")

Identifying predicate Adjectives

The trick come identifying predicate adjectives is spotting linking verbs. The linking verbs include the following: The verb to it is in (in its various forms, e.g., am, are, is, was, were, will certainly be, has actually been, have been). The "sense" verb (e.g., come feel, come look, come smell, come taste, to sound). The "status" verbs (e.g., come appear, to become, to continue, to grow, come seem, to turn).A linking verb will always be completed by an adjective (a property adjective) or a noun (a predicate nominative).Read an ext about linking verbs.

Real-life examples of predicate Adjectives

In this real-life examples featuring property adjectives, the linking verbs room in bold and the predicate adjectives space shaded. So go ahead. Loss down. The people looks
various from the ground. (Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey)It always seems difficult until the is done. (President Nelson Mandela)("Done" is a past participle, a form of adjective.) Some people will never take a bite if the food smells too fishy, fermented, or cheesy. (Celebrity cook Yotam Ottolenghi)(As displayed here, a linking verb can be perfect by a cable of property adjectives.)

Predicate Adjectives matches Predicate Nominatives

Quite often, a linking verb is perfect by a noun or a noun expression (called a predicate nominative). Compare these two examples:John is great.(Here, the linking verb "is" is completed by a property adjective.)John is a thief.(Here, the linking verb "is" is perfect by a predicate nominative. "A thief" is a noun phrase. It is no an adjective.)Both property adjectives and predicate nominatives are recognized as subject complements.Read much more about predicate nominatives.

Why must I Care around Predicate Adjectives?

Here are two an excellent reasons to care around predicate adjectives.

(Reason 1) Don"t usage an adverb when an adjective is needed.

A linking verb can only be perfect by a property adjective or a property nominative (i.e., a noun or a pronoun). The is never ever completed by one adverb.Your soup tastes
badly.("Tastes" is a linking verb. "Badly" is one adverb, i m sorry can"t be used to complete a linking verb.)Your soup tastes bad. ("Bad" is one adjective (a property adjective).)Somewhat ironically, this mistake is commonly made by human being who know enough grammar come consciously think about whether to usage an adjective or an adverb. Learning that adverb modify verbs, they use an adverb. However, "tastes" is a linking verb, not a common verb. It have the right to be completed by an adjective but not one adverb.Her hair looks amazingly. ("Looks" is a linking verb. "Amazingly" is an adverb, which can"t completed a linking verb.)Her hair looks amazing. ("Amazing" is one adjective.)

(Reason 2) use the right instance when speaking a international language.

In English, adjectives perform not adjust depending on whether they"re used attributively or predicatively. Therefore, through the exemption of the adverb-adjective mix-up extended in "Reason 1" above, property adjectives execute not reason many writing mistakes for native English speakers. However, in some other languages (e.g., Russian), topic complements (i.e., predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives) adjust case (in Russian, for example, they adjust into the crucial case). So, if you"re learning a foreign language whose subject complements change case, climate you must care around predicate adjective (and predicate nominatives for the matter).

Key Point

Use an adjective not an adverb after a linking verb.It smells wonderfully. That smells wonderful.
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