Q: What execute you call a cow with 2 legs? A: lean Beef Q: What do you call a cow v no legs? A: soil Beef Q: Why walk the cow cross the road? A: It to be the chicken"s job off. Q: A totally black cow was standing in the center of the road. A man was cruising roughly a corner with no headlights on, no dome light, no lights on in ~ all. That slams on the brakes at just the ideal time to miss out on the cow. Just how did the male see the cow? A: It to be daytime. Q: What day perform cows dread? A: MOO-nday Q: What does a cow clean her kitchen with? A: MOOp and Glow Q: What go a cow get paid for she labor? A: MOOney Q: whereby does a cow walk on vacation? A: MOOntana or COWifornia Q: What is a cow"s favorite rock band? A: MOOtley Crue Q: What type of vehicle does an median cow drive? A: A MOOdel T or a MOOstang Q: What type of car does a wealthy cow drive? A: a Cattelac. Q: that is a cow"s favorite previous Vice President? A: Walter MOOndale Q: What is a cow"s favorite institution subject? A: COWculus Q: how does a cow keep track of she appointments? A: She checks her COWander Q: What is an unusually stupid cow called? A: A MOOron.Q: Where do the cows walk on Saturday night? A: come the MOOvies. Q: Where do cows go when they obtain married? A: top top a honeyMOOn Q: What perform you speak to a cow that works for a gardener? A: a lawn MOOer Q: Why carry out cows undertake bells? A: since their horns don"t work. Q: What do you obtain when you have actually a cow and also a duck? A: Milk and Quackers Q: exactly how did the cowboy count his cows? A: v a COWculator. Q: What do you speak to a cow that doesn"t give milk? A: a Milk Dud Q: What type of milk comes from a forgetful cow? A: Milk that Amnesia Q: perform you recognize why the cow jumped over the moon? A: The farmer had cold hands. Q: What carry out you speak to a cow the just had actually a calf? A: De-CALF-enated. Q: What go a cow ride as soon as his auto is broken? A: a COW-askai MOO-torcycle. Q: What walk they play at the cow"s birthday? A: MOO-sical chairs. Q: Why did the farmer offer his cow a pogo stick? A: He want a milk shake. Q: how do you get a cow to prevent charging? A: Take far its credit card. Knock, Knock. Who"s there? Interrupting Cow. Interrupting C... MOO! Knock, Knock. Who"s there? Cows go. Cows walk who? No, silly, Cows walk MOOO! 2 cows were standing in a field. The very first says, "Moooo".

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The second says, "Hey! i was just about to say the same thing." 2 cows walk right into a bar.First cow says, "Hey, have you heard about all that mad cow condition going around?"Second cow says, "Yeah i have, therefore what?"First cow says, "Well, aren"t you fear you might catch it?"Second cow says, "No, not me. I"m a duck!"Click one come vote: go you choose it?
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Q: What perform you speak to a cow that doesn"t offer milk? A: a Milk DudFar much better answer is "An udder failure."