Barlines room vertical lines the cross staves in bespeak to show how music is divided into bars, follow to the moment signature.

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There space a variety of different species of barlines that are used in different contexts:

normal (Single)

A standard solitary barline that spans the entire height the the staff. Because that single-line staves, the barline expand one room above and also below the staff line through default.


A twin barline consists of 2 lines, both the width of solitary barlines, positioned fifty percent a space apart through default. That is often used come denote far-reaching changes in the music, or to note the location of rehearsal marks, key signature changes, and also tempo changes.


A final barline is composed of 2 lines: among normal width, the other thick. That marks whereby the music ends.


A dashed barline has actually the very same thickness as a normal barline, but has gaps in ~ it to offer it a dashed appearance. The is supplied to subdivide bars come make complex time signatures easier to read, and to identify editorial barlines indigenous ones originally in the manuscript.


A tick barline is a brief line the spans just the optimal line of the staff. The is beneficial when notating plainsong, in which context it denotes a breath or brief gap in between phrases, or various other music through an unusual metrical structure.


A quick barline spans the middle of the staff, i beg your pardon on a five-line staff is between the 2nd and 4th lines. On staves v fewer 보다 fives lines, the brief barline is scaled proportionally. It is beneficial when notating plainsong, in which context it denotes a longer gap in between phrases than a mite barline.


A special barline is half a space wide by default, so that is noticeably thicker 보다 a normal barline. This provides it a greater visual impact.

start repeat

A begin repeat line is composed of a thick barline, followed by a normal barline, complied with by one of the following arrangements of dots:

Two dots, one every in the middle two spaces of a five-line staff

Four dots, one each in all four spaces of a five-line staff

It shows the begin of a repetitive section. That is provided alongside finish repeat lines, which present the end of a repeated section.


end repeat

An end repeat line is the winter of a start repeat line, therefore it is composed of either two or four dots, complied with by a typical barline, followed by a special barline. It mirrors the end of a repetitive section. The is provided alongside begin repeat lines, which show the begin of a repeated section.

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End/Start repeat

This line combines the start repeat and end repeat barlines, through either two single barlines through a solitary shared thick barline in the middle, or 2 thick barlines and also no single barlines. On either side, there are either 2 or four repeat dots. That is used when a repetitive section is automatically followed by another, separate repeated section.