Before clicking to one more page, take into consideration this: fuel density makes the difference between making allude A to suggest B for any plane that flies much more than an hour away from home. This renders a distinction for any long haul airplane.

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We flew the GV because that years discovering that we might do san Francisco come Tokyo non-stop also with a headwind, but the return pilgrimage was not constantly possible. Us couldn\"t ever put top top a complete load that fuel in Japan but gallons room gallons, right? together it transforms out, fuel density was the culprit and nobody knew that till Gulfstream walk a study and also released the results in the October 28, 2005 Breakfast Minutes. As it turns out, \"The aircraft range is identified by fuel weight, not volume,\" therefore if your gauges say you have actually less gas, chances are you do.

If you are planning on paris to the airplane\"s maximum variety you require to recognize fuel density, specifically if operating out of Asia.

Our Boeing 747\"s had a full fuel volume of 300,000 lbs, which meant a most range. But sometimes we ended up v a many extra range or a lot of less. We didn\"t know fuel density and we must have. To us, thickness was a puzzle.

Everything here is from the references shown below, through a couple of comments in an alternating color.


Fuel thickness Defined

Scientific an interpretation of density: density (ρ) the a body is the ratio of its mass (m) come its volume (V). Density of fuel is “the massive of fuel per unit volume”. In some instances the thickness is expressed as a particular gravity or relative density, in which case it is to express in multiples of the density of some other standard material, generally water or air. Reference: ASTM D1655 specification, Jet A-1 fuel has a thickness of between 775.0 and also 840.0 kg/m3. Density ranging native 37 come 51 °C API corrected to 15 °C or 60 °F.

When it comes to fuel, greater density method more \"bang because that the buck.\" The density is identified by the top quality of the crude supplied to develop the fuel and also the refining process.

Measuring Fuel Density

Fuel density is usually measured with a hydrometer, i m sorry is nothing more than a glass tube through a load bottom that sinks to a level proportional to the thickness of the liquid. The hydrometer is calibrated versus a scale provided to recognize the thickness for a provided temperature.


Figure: Fuel density hydrometer, indigenous Fuel managing Jet Quality and also Test Procedure, number 1.8.

Fuel thickness versus Weight

Using a fuel density of 6.75 pounds every gallon in ~ 60°F, the full usable fuel capacity of a G450 is 29,500 lb. (13,380 kg), for a total of 4,370 us gallons (16,542 liters). The is permissible come exceed 29,500 lbs that fuel (due come fuel densities) so lengthy as the preferably ramp and also takeoff weights room not exceeded.

All the being said, why is it the you cannot always get 29,500 lbs or 4,370 us gallons top top the airplane?

The variables include:

Aircraft perspective during refueling wing volume Fuel quantity Measuring device (FQMS) accuracy Fuel temperature Fuel density

Gulfstream carried out a examine on this subject when the GV to be the queen that the fleet, however the lessons learned use to the G450 as well. Because that the services of the study, save in mind a GV\"s published fuel capacity is 41,300 lbs.

Impact Comparisons

aircraft Attitude affect on Fuel capacity

The GV\"s fuel capacity was designed with the aircraft perspective at 1-1/2° sleep down, yet the preferably variation as result of ramp attitude was uncovered to be just 22 gallons / 148 pounds.

wing Volume influence on Fuel volume

Aircraft due to the fact that GV sn 529 have been tested for complete volume capacity and found \"satisfactory.\"

FQMS Accuracy influence on Fuel capacity

The architecture specification of the FQMS is ±300 lbs. Typical performance is ±200 lbs. Spot checks have actually been found \"satisfactory.\"

Fuel Temperature influence on Fuel capacity

The Gulfstream GV research revealed the each 10°F boost in fuel temperature reduced the GV\"s fuel volume by 200 lbs. The variation in between -20°C and +50°C, for example, deserve to be practically 1,400 lbs.

Using this numbers, a G450\"s published capacity of 29,500 lbs (4,370 us Gallons) at 60°F will certainly drop to 28,900 lbs in ~ 90°F.

Fuel Density influence on Fuel capacity

Fuel thickness has the greatest influence on fuel capacity. A GV\"s maximum fuel volume is 6,118 USG, this does not change. Sport in human being fuel thickness can cause the GV\"s preferably fuel capacity to change an ext than 5,000 lbs.

Jet-A fuel density limits are established by the American culture for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specification D1655. In ~ 60°F the density borders are indigenous 6.46 to 6.99 lbs/gallon.

In a G450, this equals a selection of:

28,230 lbs in ~ 6.46 lbs/gallon 30,546 lbs in ~ 6.99 lbs/gallon

A sports of 2,316 lbs.

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Surveys disclose this trend:


Example Fuel thickness Charts

Michael McLeod has actually gone with the work-related on a few aircraft to provide fuel density charts.