However, among the most frequently used and perhaps warmest greetings is أَهْلًا وَسَهْلًا ahlan wa sahlan

In Arabic, ahlan wa sahlan generally method “welcome”. The doesn’t issue if you’re welcome someone right into your own home or greeting them at a café in ~ which you decided to meet.

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But also though ahlan wa sahlan translates to “welcome” in use, there’s an ext to it, and the words bring special significance. We’ll define this below.

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Ahlan wa Sahlan Meaning


Ahlan أهلاً comes from the native ahl أهل, which way a person’s household or “people”.

In the paper definition of this greeting, it’s offered to call someone the they’re where they belong, the they’re a part of this place and they’re welcome here. You’re saying: “You’re v your people.”

In Arabic culture, one of the highest creates of welcoming a guest is informing them they’re not going to be treated together an outsider. The course, similar concepts exist in countless cultures.

Sahlan سهلاً – originates from the word sahl سهل, which means easy and also simple.

When girlfriend greet someone through ahlan wa sahlan, it method that their visit is basic and their visibility is not a burden. 

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How to reply to Ahlan wa Sahlan

The answer to ahlan wa sahlan is normally ahlan bik أهلاًبيك if you’re addressing a male. If you addressing a female, that ahlan biki أهلاًبيكي .

When speaking with a team of world you would usage ahlan biikum أهلاً بيكم . Both of this replies average “I’m glad to be here and also glad to check out you”. 

Shortened develops of Ahlan wa Sahlan

أَهْلًا وَسَهْلًا Ahlan wa sahlan is frequently shortened to أهلا ahlan. That is the more informal version. Friend would usage this v your friends and casual acquaintances. That is like saying “hi” instead of “hello”.

Some Arabic dialects also use ahleen أهلين , as a an answer to the reduce version. This way “I’m welcome you twice as much”.

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The response ahleen is common in levantine Arabic. For this reason you’re much more likely to hear one ahleen coming from a Lebanese or Syrian person, however other dialects i will not ~ mind hearing it too. It’s one endearing expression.


Like a lot of Arabic phrases, ahlan wa sahlan أَهْلًا وَسَهْلًا holds so lot depth and an interpretation in it regardless of being offered as a usual everyday phrase. It’s offered by both Muslims and non-Muslims, composed on shopping mall entrances, and it doesn’t differ from one dialect to another. It’s an important and advantageous greeting to understand for anyone beginning out with finding out Arabic.