understand your fondant icing from your frosting, exactly how to bake blind, beat, fold and also cream? certain words show up time and also again in baking recipes but what carry out they actually mean? inspect out our explanations and videos below...

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This is the procedure of partly or totally baking a pastry instance in the range without the filling. Line a sour tin with pastry, sheathe it with greaseproof record and weigh it down v ceramic baking bean or dried chickpeas, beans or lentils. Baking remote is best if you have a no-cook filling, a filling the needs small cooking or is cooked at a low temperature. It guarantee a fresh finish.


This is the rigorous mixing of ingredients using a wood spoon, electrical whisk, food mixer or food processor. The objective is to thoroughly incorporate ingredients and to combine air, do cakes light and also fluffy.


This is the term provided in baking for beating sugar and also softened butter with each other to kind a lighter coloured mixture the is aerated. This is among the methods to include lightness and also volume to cakes. Watch just how to cream butter and also sugar


Curdling is once a food mixture separates right into its component parts. A creamed cake mixture may curdle if the egg are included too easily or space too cold. It can be brought earlier by adding a tablespoon of flour.



This requires sprinkling street or seasonings over food as a decoration. A cooking recipes may additionally ask you come ‘dust’ a work surface v flour or icing sugar to stop dough or fondant icing from sticking prior to kneading and also rolling it out. A tea strainer or well sieve is suitable for dusting. Girlfriend can also buy a shaker or dredger which consists of a cup v a handle and also perforated lid.

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Folding in

A technique used come gently combine a light, airy ingredient (such as beaten egg whites) through a heavier one (such together cake mix). The lighter mixture is poured on peak of the more heavier one in a large bowl. Beginning at the ago of the bowl, a steel spoon is provided to cut down vertically v the two mixtures, across the bottom the the bowl and also up the side. The bowl need to be rotated slightly through each series of strokes. This down-across-up-and-over activity gently combines the ingredient to produce a light, fluffy consistency. 


There room a number of different means to ice cream a cake. Icing is a term supplied both for the activity of spanning a cake and also for the spanning itself. Icing is sometimes called frosting, particularly in American recipes. 

Watch how to ice cream a cake

Popular icings include:

Glacé icing (icing sugar and water)Buttercream (icing sugar and also softened butter)Cream cheese icing or frosting (icing sugar, cream cheese and butter)Fondant icing (a simple icing do from ingredients including icing sugar, water and also glucose that have the right to be rolling out. The generally much easier to buy this kind of icing, additionally known together ready-to-roll icing or regal ice)Royal icing (a glossy, runny icing that sets hard, make from icing sugar and also egg whites)


This is the technique of happen flour, cocoa or icing sugar v a sieve to remove lumps and aerate it. Most cake recipes will imply you sift this ingredients for finest results.