Definitions include: the bathroom.

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Definitions include: one's house neighborhood.Definitions include: to waste time.Definitions include: to hold-up in acquiring to the point.Definitions include: to be lazy.Definitions include: to act like a clown; come joke.Definitions include: acronym because that "cash rule everything around me".Definitions include: to cruise (drive) around.Definitions include: to be joking.Definitions include: to invest time on a non-productive activity; "waste time".Definitions include: to waste time, to mess around.Definitions include: to intentionally display off an item.Definitions include: to engage in intimate sex-related activities; "mess around".Definitions include: come cheat top top one's far-ranging other.Definitions include: gift unserious.(show 41 morehide)

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Definitions include: acronym because that "another bloody cathedral" or "another bloody church".Definitions include: a person who was once famed or successful, yet is no longer.Definitions include: acronym for "you have been trolled", i.e. You have actually fallen victim to an internet troll.

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Definitions include: birth control medication.Definitions include: ar where drugs space sold, world jus hanging around, and where the cops want to be.Definitions include: bars the moneyDefinitions include: a kid who is similar to one or more of its parents.Definitions include: a human being - normally female - who avoids her woman friends native meeting, talking to, making out with, or having sex with males.Definitions include: to interfere with a male's effort to speak to a prospective romantic or sexual partner.Definitions include: a human who prick blocks.Definitions include: to steal.Definitions include: A human being who is hidden somewhere to acquire an answer.Definitions include: come beat.Definitions include: the brand-new person somewhere.Definitions include: currently non-functioning.Definitions include: to interfere through a female's effort to talk to a male or engaging the sexually.Definitions include: On she period, out of commission, sexually dysfunctional.

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Definitions include: the real details or the proof, instruction, the recognize how, where, when, and why about something or someone.Definitions include: walking, typically as opposed to driving.Definitions include: interrogation.Definitions include: very intoxicatedDefinitions include: information.Definitions include: miscellaneous you have actually now is worth much more than two points you have actually just a possibility of getting.Definitions include: a good estimate.Definitions include: a secret advantage.Definitions include: inclusive.Definitions include: to do a poor situation worse.Definitions include: with the amount of time left to end up a task promptly disappearing.Definitions include: having actually an opinion or belief prior to it becoming common or popular.Definitions include: that a male, come urinate.

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Definitions include: Someone gift butthurt over having something, they execute to others regularly, excellent to the themDefinitions include: mystery sexual task with a person other than one's partner.(show 1409 morehide)