It was Detroit, in 2006. The was the last time i watched a halftime display during the Superbowl. In the adhering to eleven years, i have had no desire to see any of the acts, and with the likes that Madonna, Beyonce, and Katy Perry as the big-name performers, I have actually faithfully adhered to the teaching of the Church to prevent occasions the sin. This year, v Lady Gaga being the preferred entertainer, I continued my boycott.

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Why any person who takes their confidence seriously would certainly watch a singer and also the obligatory dancers grind away and grab details body parts is beyond me. A few years ago, such gyrations would have landed people in jail. Apparently, having actually the ability to song is simply not enough to entertain the throngs, assuming the the singer deserve to actually sing.

The job after this year’s Superbowl, i was inquiry by a Catholic pair I recognize if I had watched the halftime show. Once I said no, they stated that they thought it was really entertaining and kind of fun to watch. Instinctively, I replied that they probably couldn’t listen the text of the songs, and if they had, they could have thought differently.

Now the fact of the issue is the I had actually never heard a track by Lady Gaga until the day after the over exchange. Yet I knew something about her reputation. So, I determined to find out what song Ms. Gaga had actually actually sung in ~ halftime and look in ~ the lyrics. What I discovered was what ns expected: garbage.

Let’s start with Lady Gaga’s big hit, “The edge of Glory”:

over there ain’t no factor you and me need to be alone Tonight, yeah, baby! (Tonight, yeah, baby!) and also I got a reason that you’re who need to take me residence tonight. I require a male that thinks its right as soon as it’s therefore wrong Tonight, yeah, baby! (Tonight, yeah, baby?)

There’s more to it, of course, yet the post is quite clear. The leaf of glory is a hookup through some guy. After ~ all, if she were singing to she husband, it wouldn’t be wrong, would certainly it? So, we have actually a blog post that glorifies fornication.

Now we move on come another huge hit, “Poker Face.” this is an “interesting” stanza native this little ditty:

ns won’t tell friend that ns love you Kiss or hug you reason I’m bluffin’ with my muffin I’m no lying I’m just stunnin’ through my love adhesive gunnin’

I had actually to revolve to the “Urban Dictionary” to know this. To be delicate, a “muffin” is a crude oil word for a vagina, and also “love glue” is an equally crude expression because that the lubricant excreted by a woman during sexual excitement. Quite touch, heh?

And climate we relocate on come “Born that Way.” care to guess what this is about? Here’s among the crucial stanzas:

No issue gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life, ns on the appropriate track, baby, i was born to survive No matter black, white or beige Chola or orient made, i’m on the appropriate track, baby, i was born this way.

Well, i guess we’re all biologically predetermined. And also if that’s the case, climate there have the right to be no sin. Exactly how convenient is that?

We have time for one more song. “Just Dance” sounds chaste enough, but, again, stop look at some lyrics:

wish I could shut my playboy mouth. How’d I turn my shirt within out, inside out right? manage your poison, babe. “Roses have thorns,” castle say. and also we’re all gettin’ hosed tonight.

Well, yes a lot here. But, as the reader may have guessed, the article it one of extreme drinking and/or drug use to the degree of memory loss. It’s an additional depraved message detailed by Lady Gaga v the imprimatur of the NFL.

Years ago, Charlton Heston, who had actually stock in time Warner, to visit a stockholders’ meeting. Once it came time because that investor comments, hoston took the podium and began to review the lyrics of song performed by Time Warner “artists.” The words were so vulgar and also so degrading the he was forced to stop. The course, Heston’s purpose was come ask stockholders if lock really wanted to financially assistance a agency that disseminated together trash come the youth of America. Apparently, most did, for the Warner Music Group continues to make large money from the likes that Madonna and also other similar entertainers.

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To mine Catholic friends who assumed the halftime show was entertaining, and for others who agree, you re welcome look beneath the flashing lights, the smoke, and the pounding rhythm. If girlfriend do, rather of gift entertained, you will certainly smell the stench of ethical turpitude. Gift naive around it only adds to the problem.