Mexico is that nation full of colorful traditions and also a vibrant culture that increases past the beautiful vacation beaches, resorts, and friendly people. The nation is worth visiting for many reasons; like its extraordinary culinary distinctiveness, archeological sights, and likewise for the diversity of festivals. Mexico has numerous local customs that are common to particular areas that the country, however some deep-rooted traditions and also events are celebrated throughout the country.

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One the the most known yearly events that is celebrated throughout Mexico is Día de los Muertos. This celebration event is rich in rituals and expresses the unique and exceptional partnership that Mexicans have with death and also with your ancestors.

It’s a distinct spiritual time of the year to gather household members together, reflect, and remember our family members members who aren’t through us anymore. It’s a happy celebration supposed to honor our dearly departed loved ones and to evaluate life if we are still part of the living.


Day of the Dead

This work of the Dead event is in reality a collection of traditions and symbols that can be slightly different depending on the area in Mexico. This festivities are spread over several days, normally the first couple of days the November once the celebrations room at their optimal in the country. Some symbols prefer skeletons, street skulls, altars, and also the vivid cut-paper streamers can be seen in all components of Mexico at this time.

Day of the Dead is no the “Mexican Halloween” prefer it is sometimes mistaken come be since of the time of the year. It has actually nothing to do with the classic Halloween custom-mades that are renowned in the USA and also other parts of the world. Actually, decorating your home with spiders and bats and also wearing scary costumes is not done in many parts of Mexico. The most Halloween thing that each other the traditional Halloween tasks is commemorated in the more contemporary areas of Mexico where kids go door-to-door questioning for calaveritas (small skulls), expecting liquid or fruit.


Day that the Dead was recently made even much more famous with the award-winning 3D computer-animated movie “Coco” exit in 2017. The story is about 12-year-old Miguel who gets transported come the land of the Dead and also meets his ancestors. The movie beautifully and also masterfully consist of the traditions involved during the day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

La Catrina

One that the strongest and most recognizable symbols of The job of the Dead celebrations is the high female skeleton wearing a an intricate hat through feathers. You have surely seen her in miscellaneous contexts because the striking distinct makeup has become very trendy in the critical years. Her name is La Catrina and the significance of her story goes deep right into Mexican traditions and roots however has been restyled only in the last century.

It is believed that the Aztecs venerated a goddess of fatality that they alleged safeguarded their departed loved ones, help them into the following stages. The Mexican legacy of honoring and also celebrating the dead is entrenched deeply in the culture of that is people.

The skeleton through the hat the we watch today involved life in the at an early stage 1900’s through artist José Guadalupe Posada. Posada to be a controversial and also political cartoonist the was preferred by the people and who drew and also etched skeletons (calaveras) in a satirical method to remind civilization that they would all finish up dead in the end. It is stated that he drew the dandy-looking female skeleton with a an intricate feathered hat because some Mexicans had aspirations to look wealthy and also aristocratic prefer the europe at that time. A satirical drawing to remind people to it is in themselves and to avoid trying to be something the they weren’t. No matter how rich or bad you were, no issue the shade of your skin, and no issue what society you belonged to, you would all end up skeletons. This was Posada’s message with his plenty of caricatures of cavaleras sketched doing various everyday activities. One of his most well-known sayings was “Death is democratic”. Simple, however so very true!


Famous artist and also husband of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, immortalized La Catrina in among his murals that illustrated 400 year of mexican history. The mural “Dreams that a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park” was painted in the 1940’s and also displays several important Mexican personalities with La Catrina showcased on the 15-meter mural. The painted a self-portrait the himself together a kid holding hands with her in the former row. Rivera painted she wearing advanced clothing and also an extravagant hat through feathers, consequently producing the look the she is popular for today. The mural can be checked out in the Diego Rivera Mural Museum in Mexico City. Very well precious the visit if girlfriend are ever before in Mexico City!

From there, La Catrina became a solid symbol because that the countless Day the the Dead activities. Women paint their deals with in vibrant make-up and also dress through elegant outfits evoking the renowned symbolic skeleton. Celebrations are organized in the cemeteries (panteóns) wherein the the atmosphere is jovial and people cheerfully commemorate their lost loved ones, giving them flowers and also some of their favorite foods and beverages from as soon as they to be still alive.

La Catrina is a popular tourist fascination and can be discovered in statue form in many local shop throughout Mexico made of wood, clay, or papier maché. These are eloquently painted and also real feathers included to the hats. Many world purchase these statues and bring them ago as souvenirs of their times spent in Mexico. Over there is no mistaking she identity, La Catrina is 100% Mexican!

She is a solid visual image portraying how the Mexican civilization see death and also the afterlife. Different societies have diverse traditions in regards come death and also how they resolve it individually and as a family. Mexico is really unique in your views of this reality of life and also prefers to take it it good-humoredly and passionately. The is no to say the they nothing grieve and miss a loved one that passes away. What it way is that they pick to storage the life and memories the person developed while castle were v them rather of indulging in the reality that they are gone forever.

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Planning your following trip come Mexico during Día de los Muertos will absolutely leave you with a great sense that the mexico people and also their views on life and living.

La Catrina is around living your true self and also it’s also around not pretending to be who you room not. No matter what friend look like and where friend come from friend will finish up a skeleton in the finish with anyone else!