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nounplural noun crèmes brûlées/ˌkrem bro͞oˈlā/ /ˌkrɛm bruˈleɪ/ , many noun crème brûlées/bro͞oˈlāz/

‘The caramel topping in desserts such together crème brûlée is do by exposing a class of sugar on the surface to straight heat, e.g. Under a grill.’

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‘The dessert menu, meanwhile, goes directly for the sugar rush with developments such as toffee-crisp crème brûlée and also strawberry banoffee pie.’‘To lid off the meal, shot the resto\"s crème brûlée because that dessert, a crispy caramelized crust that yields a fluffy, delicious filling as soon as shattered.’‘For dessert, I chose to shot my hand again in ~ crème brûlée, to make certain last time wasn\"t simply a fluke.’‘Extract the coconut the end of the sugared and spiced rhubarb soup v tapioca, and can the totality notion of crème brûlée v Oreos - it\"s a rubbish of great Oreos.’‘Overchilled or not, crème brûlée is quiet crème brûlée, and also nothing was going to stop her enjoying it.’‘There\"s additionally a conventional rendition the crème brûlée, flavored with tea, and a rice pudding the tasted correctly rich however not transcendent.’‘It does for the sour what caramelised sugar does for a crème brûlée.’‘Meanwhile, his pastry chef has been finishing the restaurant\"s crème brûlée with large-grained Turbinado sugar, i m sorry melts much more quickly and also evenly.’‘His berry shortcake is cleverly layered through crème brûlée.’‘Rosanna offered her apple crème brûlée v apple sorbet the thumbs up, but I wasn\"t so fortunate.’‘I\"m likewise pretty great at English puddings: ns like cooking baked apples, crème brûlée and also rice pudding.’‘There\"s also a cloying crème brûlée made v semolina, and a refreshingly chalky caramel parfait top top a bed of thinly sliced stewed pears.’‘For dessert, there\"s a large and creamy crème brûlée.’‘There\"s a chocolate-and-vanilla crème brûlée the tastes prefer gooey summer custard, and also a bland roasted-peach concoction constructed on a dried square that French toast.’‘For dessert, we tried a great crème brûlée and great chocolate and also caramel mousse.’‘That little glitch to be remedied by the come of a superb pear tart and a light, utterly delicious Spanish variation of crème brûlée.’‘The food over there is fabulous, with dishes such together foie gras and also shiitake mushrooms, or green-tea crème brûlée.’‘The lamb shanks in mustard sauce space fabulous, as is the huge crème brûlée.’‘There space dense small crème brûlées and individual flans to go through the stout cafe au laits or cappuccinos.’