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Keeping spare readjust around the house?

Well now is the perfect time to examine your pockets, the floor of her car, the back of the sofa, piggy banks and also anywhere else odd coins could be lurking.

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together an old £1 coin has sold top top eBay for £5,100 all due to a minting error, reports Devon Live.

The quid was released by the imperial Mint in 1991 but since of a mistake the worth of the coin shoot up.

they are typically sold for about £13 on ebay according to The sunlight , but one lucky seller from northern Ireland got more than they might ever have actually expected.

The £1 coin to be inscribed follow me the edge with the indigenous "DECUS ET TUTAMEN", which means "glory and also defence".


The £1 coin noted on eBay (Image: eBay)

But the seller declared the words were 'upside down', definition you would require to host the coin through the Queen's head dealing with downwards.

However, the imperial Mint website reveals that there is in reality no correct means for the engraving to show up on the coin, i m sorry doesn't actually make it that rare.

But the didn't avoid someone payment £5,100 because that the coin.

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Meanwhile some brand-new pound coins are marketing for thousands of pounds since of a brand-new 'error'.

Three examples have been seen currently by through ChangeChecker and this time it looks like the new £1 coin architecture has to be stamped on among the old £1 coin blanks, reports the daily Mirror.

The first one that involved light, offered for £205 top top eBay after ~ receiving 22 bids, a second is being marketed at auction next month.

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The 3rd coin has been report by one more user on change Checker.


The £1 coin sold for over £5k (Image: eBay)

What execute I do if I uncover one?

ChangChecker's advice come someone who thinks they've found an example of this coin is to send the coin turn off to The royal Mint Museum, which offers a totally free verification organization .

You obtain the coin ago - together with their findings - a couple of weeks later.

Armed with this information, friend should be able to get much more value from it when selling either digital or in ~ a more traditional auction house.

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I have an 'error coin' - what need to I do?

Here's what the specialists at Chards say you need to do if you suspect you've been handed one 'error coin' in your change:

Wrap the in some tissue or pop it in a bag or envelope to protect the coin. Check specifications for the coin (diameter, weight, design) get the coin authenticated, girlfriend can additionally send coins to the royal Mint Museum for confirmation Look online for similar coins to view what price they may achieve

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