My wife asked me what the name “Pasadena” meant, for this reason of course i looked it increase in Gudde’s California ar Names

(a wonderful publication — check out this 2004 post), and the etymology to be so exciting I believed I’d happen it along here:

Pasadena (pas ə dē’ nə) . The ar was established in 1874 and called Indiana Colony due to the fact that the initial promoters came from Indiana. As soon as the write-up office was established in 1875, another name had to it is in chosen, and rarely have actually pioneer inhabitants gone to an ext trouble to choose a surname for their town than the good people of Indiana Colony. Hiram Reid’s account that the specify name (pp. 338 ff.) sounds much more convincing than miscellaneous other stories: referee B. S. Eaton, in stating with an additional stockholder, Calvin Fletcher, the opportunity of recognize a an ideal Spanish name for the proposed short article office, recalled a conversation he had had with Manuel Garfias, the patentee of Rancho san Pascual, on part of which the city was situated. As soon as asked why he had actually chosen for this reason impractical a ar for his house, Garfias replied, “Porque es la llave del Rancho.” Fletcher to be disappointed, due to the fact that “yavvey,” the only word that caught, would never ever do for a ar name. Judge Eaton then interpreted Garfias’s reply together ‘key the the rancho.’ This to be at the very least a cue come a an ideal name. Dr. T. B. Elliott, the president of the Indiana Colony, climate took up the idea. He created to a friend that was a missionary among the Chippewa indians in the Mississippi sink for one Indian variation of ‘Key that the Ranch,’ or ‘Entrance come the Upper part of the Valley’, and also received in early course these suggestions: Weoquân Pâ sâ de ná ‘Crown the the Valley’; Gish kâ de ná Pâ sâ de ná ‘Peak the the Valley’; ice cream Dâegun Pâ sâ de ná ‘Key that the Valley’; Pe quâ de na Pâ sâ de ná ‘Hill the the Valley’. Due to the fact that Dr. Elliott might not an extremely well propose the name Tapedaegunpasadena or Weoquanpasadena, he quiet dropped the specific part and it is registered to the townspeople the pleasing and also euphonious name Pasadena. The interpretation that Pasadena alone method ‘crown the the valley’ has actually persisted till the current day. Together for the initial Chippewa word, it have the right to be figured out with passadina ‘there is a valley’ (Frederick Baraga, Dictionary that the Otchipwe language ).

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The Pasadena in Texas is called after the one in California. Don’t asking me why Dr. Elliott composed to a missionary in the Mississippi valley for a perfect name because that a ar in California, since I have no answer for you.

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