Just curious. I know año is year and ano is anus, but does ano at all translate to a vulgar term like asshole?


It will depend on the intention and context. In itself, it's not a vulgar word, you'll find it in an anatomy book, but someone could use it as an insult or at least to make others feel unconfortable. But that will depend on the circumstances, tone of voice, etc.

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Thanks a lot. I'm making a mobile word game for my company where you're given letters in a bowl and you swipe them to make words. I didn't know if "ano" would be an inappropriate answer but it's just by itself, so I think it works. Also the game is called "Word Turds" and has a bathroom theme so "ano" is a pretty meta answer lol.

edit: on a similar note, would you recognize "oto" as a word in itself, or is it just a shortened version of "otoño"? Again, wondering if it would be an answer people would find in this game.

It will depend on the intention and context.

someone could use it as an insult

I've never heard it and I can't imagine anyone using it as "Asshole", where are you from?

no more than Anus is in english

fun fact

when i first met my partner, i decided to amaze her with my stunning spanish abilities

i asked her Cuantos anos tienes

She replied (in english) one like everyone else.

I was very confused.

Not really, it’s more of the medical vocabulary. Ano could technically be used as a vulgar word but there are other words that would get your point across, like asshole in English

Ano means anus to most Latin Americans. It's not something you would say unless to a doctor or making a dirty joke.

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Which language programs have you done? It seems remarkable that they don't explain how the letters are pronounced. Spanish pronunciation works quite differently to English. Do you know how to pronounce "español"?

Ñ or ñ makes the same sounds as the “n” in the English name Daniel or the first n in the word “onion”


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