Few Words and Many Deeds Meaning

Definition: What you do is much more important 보다 what you say.

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Origin the Few Words and Many Deeds

This expression is component of a quote native Saint Vincent Pallotti, that lived indigenous the year 1795 to 1850. The complete quote is,

“Remember the the Christian life is one of action; no of speech and daydreams. Let over there be couple of words and many deeds, and also let them be done well.”

Pallotti want to say the it is not good enough to talk about being a an excellent Christian. Christians must actually do an excellent deeds. Talking around those great deeds was unimportant.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 indigenous the scriptures may have influenced Saint Vincent. This i from the holy bible says,

Be not rash with thy mouth, and also let no thine heart be hasty come utter any type of thing prior to God: for God is in heaven, and also thou top top earth: as such let her words it is in few.

A comparable expression is action speaks louder than words. Due to the fact that of the Catholic connection to the idiom few words and many deeds, this expression often appears in a Christian context, whereas action speak louder than words can appear in any type of context.

Examples that Few words and Many Deeds

In this example, two co-workers room talking around some that the members the the church to which they both belong.

Rodrigo: exactly how do you choose the new priest?

Alisha: I know that that only simply started, but he seems great.

Rodrigo: he doesn’t talk that much. His sermons are fairly short.

Alisha: i don’t mind that. The is a male of few words and also many deeds. Ns think the is really honorable.

Rodrigo: I suppose you’re right.

In the instance below, 2 siblings are mentioning the last project the they must finish for their religion class at school.

Luis: do you recognize what you room going to carry out for the last project, the essay or the volunteer service?

Stephanie: I’m not sure. The essay will certainly be short, however the volunteering can be easier, and an ext fun.

Luis: i think okay volunteer. Our teacher is constantly talking about how we must remember the concept of couple of words and also many deeds. Ns think I’ll obtain a far better grade if I perform something because that the final project quite than just write around something.

Stephanie: it is a good idea.

More Examples

This example below is native an obituary.

This excerpt is about a man who pole his offered yogurt lids on the same store home window every day. This news short article is using the expression humorously.

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The phrase few words and many deeds is another means to say that actions mean an ext than words.


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