“Gangnam” is one area in southern Korea, specifically a small area in Seoul, southern Korea, residence to about 1% of the populace of Seoul and is about the dimension of Manhattan. The is recognized for that is wealthy, “new money”, inhabitants. (The an ar has only very recently come to be extremely upscale, with a steady upswing in the last half century or so. Before that, there yes, really wasn’t much there but farmland.)

How wealthy carry out you need to be come live in Gangnam? The typical price of one apartment there costs approximately 3/4 the a million dollars every year. Because that reference, the typical South oriental household’s annual income is around $40,000.

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So “Gangnam Style” merely is express this kind of elite, “new money”, wealthy society and lifestyle that has sprung up around the region. As pop critic Kim Zakka, who lives in Seoul, stated “Gangnam inspires both envy and also distaste. Gangnam residents are south Korea’s top class, however South Koreans think about them self-interested, v no sense of nobility.”

Or, as Park Jae-sang (PSY, who himself to be from a affluent family and grew up close to Gangnam) said, Gangnam residents are seen as “good-looking due to the fact that of plastic surgery, stylish due to the fact that they have the right to splurge on luxury goods, and also slim thanks to yoga and personal trainers.” sounds a little like wealthy world from Los Angeles…

He further states,

People who are actually indigenous Gangnam never ever proclaim the they are—it’s just the posers and also wannabes that put on this airs and also say the they are “Gangnam Style”—so this track is in reality poking funny at those type of human being who space trying so difficult to be something that they’re not.

“Oppan Gangnam style” literally means “Older Brother has actually Gangnam style”. He’s no talking come his little sister, though. The “oppa” / “older brother” intake here is usual in south Korea, no unlike “daddy” in specific parts that the US, yet in this situation specifically gift a term that shows respect and affection- offered by women about specific older men. Basically, that just way “boyfriend” or “close, guy friend that is older than you” in this sense, despite can additionally be supplied to literally average an older brother in her family.

Koreans also have a comparable moniker because that males come use rather of “oppa”- namely, “hyung”, meaning “older brother”, which have the right to again be used to refer to your literal older brothers or be provided figuratively to refer to a slightly older male who you aren’t related, yet you space close to. Similarly, over there is an “older sister” nickname, “nuna”. These titles can likewise be used in enhancement to the person’s name itself, such as “Park oppa” or “Bong Cha nuna”. Again, this is all intended as a way to show affection and respect.

As to the surname of the region, “Gangnam”, it literally converts to “South that the River”.

The Gangnam layout music video clip itself on YouTube seems destined to be the an initial video posted over there to happen 1 exchange rate views. As of the posting of this post (December 7), it has actually received just over 900 million views, up close to 200 million views from around three mainly ago. For this reason by the end of 2012, the Gangnam Style video should cross the 1 billion see threshold.

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Probably the many amazing thing about this Gangnam layout fad is that, given that the video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds long, if every 900 million time it’s been perceived it was perceived to its completion (not even considering all the spinoffs and re-postings), that way approximately 63 million man-hours (or about the number of hours 30,288 workers invest working complete time-40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, v no holidays or vacation) have been spent watching a video clip of a guy mimicking speak a steed to a beat, with the vast bulk of those who’ve watched that not understanding much of anything he’s saying.

Bonus Facts:

Gangnam layout has apparently made Park Jae-sang (PSY, brief for “Psycho”) over $8 million so far from digital downloads and also YouTube heralding alone, but it has actually only made him about $60,000 from southern Koreans to buy the song. Regardless of the apparent lack of overt popularity in southern Korea, PSY has been provided a fourth Class stimulate of cultural Merit through the South oriental Ministry of culture for “increasing the world’s interest in Korea”.Even much more amazing 보다 the Gangnam layout man-hours is that videos ~ above Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel have been watched about 3.2 billion times. Even if we assume a an extremely conservative average size of video clip of 2 minutes, top top the Bieber channel alone (let alone every the spinoffs post on YouTube and also the Bieber videos posted elsewhere), we can well it is in looking at 106+ million man hours spent watching Bieber…At its peak, there were around 400,000 human being working top top the Apollo program, which ran native 1961 to 1972 and also put a male on the Moon in 1969. We can gain an approximate top bound ~ above man-hours throughout the Apollo routine up to the Moon landing if we assumed every 400,000 people worked 40 hrs a main every week native 1961 to Armstrong stepping on the Moon (which is a gross over exaggeration, together the program started with simply 10,000 people and also many connected had substantially lesser roles. Of course, I’d imagine many associated put in a lot much more hours every week than 40, but it’s still probably a gross end estimate… work-related with me here human being ;-)). This upper bound comes the end at around 6.7 billion male hours. The real number is probably significantly less, however with this top bound number and also the Gangnam style + the conservative calculation on Bieber’s YouTube channel man-hours watched, that would certainly account for around 3% the the man hrs needed to go from simply barely gift able to put a male in space, to placing a guy on the Moon. If just we can harness the strength of Bieber because that good…