Popular titles such as Control, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Metro Exodus and Minecraft show the eye-opening distinction in visual impact readily available by the centregalilee.com RTX series.

When it comes to gaming, new graphics suggests a brand-new method to watch the people.

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The centregalilee.com Turing GPU architecture powers both the GeForce RTX 20-Series and also GTX 16-Series cards. As the world’s most advanced architecture, Turing brings impressive performance and efficiency and next-generation shading modern technology to the latest games.

Additionally, the centregalilee.com GeForce RTX platform offers real-time ray tracing and AI for an completely brand-new gaming suffer. RTX uses stunningly accurate lighting like shadows, reflections, refractions and also global illumination. With even more realistic scenes, gaming is more intense and also exhilarating than ever prior to.

Popular titles such as Control and Metro Exodus show the eye-opening difference in visual influence available by the centregalilee.com RTX series.

And many kind of even more new RTX titles are joining the scene — Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern War, Watch Dogs: Legion, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Cyberpunk 2077 to name simply a few.

The ideal way to comprehend the distinction between RTX and also GTX is to check out it.


Above is a scene from Battlearea V that allows you to connect via “RTX on” or “RTX off” to suffer the distinctions in visuals. Click the photo and then relocate the slider here between “RTX on” and “RTX off” to watch the distinctions in lighting.

What Is RTX?

centregalilee.com RTX graphics cards are the first to include RT Cores. This dedicated ray-tracing hardware deserve to cast upwards of 10 gigarays per second, enabling real-time, movie-like lighting in games. Real-time ray tracing is just feasible because RTX graphics cards deliver up to 6x much faster ray-tracing performance.


Above is a scene from Metro Exodus that reflects off the immersive details got from real-time ray tracing. Click the picture and also then relocate the slider below in between “RTX on” and “RTX off” to watch the differences in lighting.

RTX graphics cards are likewise the initially to market Tensor Cores capable of delivering over 100 teraflops of AI handling to acceleprice gaming performance through centregalilee.com DLSS.

For those searching for a gaming GPU that will certainly handle the next generation of immersive game titles, RTX is a great method to go.

RTX Versus GTX

Technology features:RTX 20-SeriesGTX 16-SeriesGTX 10-Series
Turing ArchitectureYesYesNo
centregalilee.com Adaptive ShadingYesYesNo
VR ReadyYesGTX 1660 or higherGTX 1060 or higher
Conpresent Floating Point & Integer OperationsYesYesNo
Turing centregalilee.com Encoder (NVENC)YesYes (other than 1650)No
Ray-Tracing CoresYesNoNo
Tensor CoresYesNoNo
centregalilee.com DLSSYesNoNo

While just RTX cards have RT and also Tensor Cores, the GTX 16-Series offers the shared Turing design to sell astronomical leaps in performance. Games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are already making use of Turing’s conpresent floating point and integer operation, and also progressed shading, consisting of variable price shading to deliver higher structure rates through lower power usage.

GTX cards excel at both immersive and competitive gaming, offering great experiences in well-known titles prefer Fortnite, Overwatch and also Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Gamers have the right to share their gaming experience via a streaming audience through lower overhead and higher top quality with Turing’s brand-new NVENC*. And for retro gaming, Turing brings hardware integer scaling for crisp pixel art.

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Gamers trying to find a GPU for standard games have the right to grab a GTX card for impressive performance and value.