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Akeed in Arabic is often used to emphasize one affirmative answer. It method “of course,” or “sure!” You can use that in place of “yes” or “na’am” once asked if you choose going come the movies.

The first time ns heard words akeed was throughout my i can not forget summer in Morocco. I continued to be with a family members who, together is typical in the culture, take it me in as one of their own. They to be so kind and hospitable—they immediately greeted me v hugs, kisses, and an eager “ahlan w sahlan!” (welcome!) the minute ns walked with the door. Angsty to view the beautiful Hassan II Mosque the Casablanca, ns asked the younger sisters if she’d be willing to come through me. “Akeed, Habibty” (of course, mine love), she said, with the brightest smile on she face.

3. ‘Azeem! = great/fantastic/terrific


You might use this word when wanting to say “great!” Did her friend accept your dinner invitation this evening? ‘Aazem!

4. Tab’an! = that course


This word can be interchanged with akeed. It likewise serves the same function as “sure,” and “of course.”

5. Walaw = the ok/don’t worry/don’t cite it


Want come say “it’s ok” as soon as someone apologizes because that accidentally bumping right into you? Walaw is your best bet. That a casual means of saying “it’s ok,” or “no problem.”

6. Keefak/ik? = how are you?


You may be provided to asking people, “keef Halak/ik” once asking exactly how they’re doing. Next time, shot simply speak “Keefak/ik” because that a more casual way to ask, “how space you?”

7. Tamaam = okay/alright


You deserve to use this come say “fine” or “okay.” friend can also ask a girlfriend “Kollo tamaam?” to ask “everything okay?”

8. Aah = yeah


You may really well use “na’am” come say “yes,” yet if you desire to sound more like a local, shot using “aah” as a more casual “yeah” instead!

When I first started finding out Arabic, ns focused solely on official phrases and everyday vocabulary–I figured that would help me acquire by during my trips to Arabic-speaking countries. While it obviously enabled me to interact my own thoughts and also needs, I found myself lost when i heard others interact in casual conversations. I easily realized that, much like in English, most human being used lots of slang words in their day-to-day lives. Even if it is you’re finding out Arabic for expert reasons or to better understand locals during your upcoming expedition to Amman, that time to combine slang knowledge right into your research sessions.

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Not just will learning some Arabic slang assist you feel more comfortable in everyday situations, yet it’s also an important when it pertains to truly expertise the society and heritages of her target language. Happy learning!