“In a timely manner” is a phrase regularly thrown approximately in professional contexts of every sorts. However what precisely does the phrase, “timely manner” mean? have the right to we even pin down a concrete “timely manner” definition?


Certainly, the definition has shifted and evolved along with our work-related habits. Generally we take it it to typical “punctually,” “on time,” “on schedule,” or “when expected.” yet as our professional networks become increasingly globalized and we battle to seamlessly incorporate schedules of different intensities right into our own, we technique collaborative jobs with much more or less leniency depending upon their urgency. What constitutes punctuality come some might seem rather soon, or as well late, come others.

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In the period of COVID-19, “in a timely manner” has actually been left open up to a wide variety of interpretation. Deadlines are thrust back, agendas space rearranged, and also the idea of how closely we have the right to (and should) work-related together — as we understand it, still — has been deconstructed.

So if someone sends you an email saying, “Please evaluation this document in a timely manner.” just how are you to decode it? There room two key methods to determine what “timely manner” means.

Take the expression in context

You deserve to rely on her instincts to decide exactly how urgent a particular project is — or, in non-professional environments, a blog post or a task on the to-do list. If you have to proofread an short article that is slated come go the end at a particular date and time, for example, “in a fashionable manner” would certainly obviously be any timeline that pipeline a vast enough berth for the post to go out as planned. Trust yourself to make the judgment.


I would prefer to ask girlfriend to to fill in a form and send it ago in a stylish manner.

You can also hear “in fashionable fashion” expression which has actually the same an interpretation as “in a fashionable manner.”


You"d far better pay your bills in fashionable fashion come avoid difficulties in the future.

Ask for clarification

If you’re important at a loss for the time structure your collaborator is on, just ask them! They’ll it is in urged come clarify their requirements to both themselves and also you, which promotes freedom communication and also greater productivity.

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The dialogue between an employer and a client:

Employer: “Our agency will do the reconstruction in a timely manner.Client: “Excuse me, but what space the certain terms because that this work?”Employer: “2 months. Does it occupational for you?”Client: “Yes, say thanks to you!”

Examples of utilizing “in a stylish manner“ and also “in a fashionable fashion”

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