Bees are thought about extremely auspicious throughout the world. They have played critical part in symbolism since old times.

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The perform of virtues that the bee is an extremely long. They have actually been thought about to be messengers delivering news come the spirit world in numerous cultures.

Bees represent wisdom and also immortality.

Bees indicate love and likewise fidelity and also virginity. They represent industry.

Bees were believed to have knowledge the the future and secret matters.

Bees together a riches Symbol

Bees are bringers of an excellent luck and prosperity. Charm in the shape of a love husband bee are especially great for attracting wealth.

The very same goes because that coins with a honey punishment symbol. If they room gold they are even much more powerful. These charms and also coins obviously are lucky because that success in business.

Bees room magnificent as much as productivity and also industry is concerned. They produce beeswax and honey which are golden.

Gold and the golden color have constantly been regarded wealth. They certainly know just how to sting to safeguard their wealth.


Bee Superstitions

If a bee lands on her hand, friend are very lucky indeed! Sit quietly and don’t frighten the bee. A bee on her hand is a sure sign that money is top top its means to you!


If a punishment lands on girlfriend head, you can expect to be congratulated. You are going to have great success!

Similarly if a bee flies right into your residence it is considered very great luck. Success is ~ above its way.

Just psychic to leave a window open so the the bee can fly the end again after ~ showering you with an excellent fortune. If you shot to force the punishment out your luck will certainly vanish.

Never ever before quarrel in the existence of bees, nor must you use any kind of foul language near the beehives.

It is poor luck and also the bees might leave the beehive. Anyone who uses poor language about bees is sure to it is in stung.

You should always inform the bees about all essential events such together weddings, births or if who in the household has died.

If they room not said the bees will obtain angry and also start stinging every one of you.

The spiritual bond in between the bees and also the beekeepers has actually been considered very strong.

If the grasp of the beehive dies it is very important to immediately inform the bees and also tie a black color ribbon on the hive together a sign of mourning.

The bees likewise need to be informed around who their new master is.

The bee in ancient Egypt


In Egypt the punishment was the emblem of lower Egypt. The punishment was a symbol of the giver that life; birth, death and resurrection.

It was believed the tears of Ra came to be the very first working bees. Ra was the sunlight god and also Egypt’s most essential deity.

Bees in ancient Greece

Bees were strongly linked to the nymphs in old Greece. Wild bees populated caves and hollow tree-trunks.

Those were the same areas it was believed that the nymphs had actually taken residence.

Bees were assumed of together supporters the eloquence and also songs; they were sometimes dubbed the “birds the the Muses”.

The goddess Demeter of farming was known as “The Pure mommy Bee”.

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. One of her signs was a honeycomb.

Priestesses of goddesses were often referred to as “Melissae” an interpretation bees. Many believed the bees to be the souls the priestesses who had actually served a goddess.

Melissa is a Greek surname that means “Queen Bee”.

A nymph named Melissa was claimed to it is in the an initial to uncover the honeycomb. She taste it and also mixed the honey with a tiny water and also served it together a beverage.

The nymphs of Peloponnese were also called Melissai. Lock were credited with teaching male to eat the fruit that the trees and also stop eating human flesh.

Melissa is considered the Queen punishment goddess.

Zeus and the Bees

Zeus was the key god in Greek mythology. He to be the kid of the Titans Cronos and Rhea. Cronos to be a tyrant who devoured his children.

When Zeus was born his mommy handed Cronos a rock inside a blanket instead of the baby.

She hid the infant in a cave on Crete. In some stories (among lock “Hymn come Zeus” by Callimachus) Zeus is kept alive through bees.

One that Zeus’s numerous names to be “Melissaios which method “Bee-man”.

Zeus had numerous affaires. One affaire he had actually was v a beautiful nymph named Othreis. She offered birth come a boy.

Hera to be the wife of Zeus. She was extremely jealous and also had a bad temper. The nymph hid the infant in the woods. The baby made it through by gift fed honey.

A shepherd called Phagros found the baby and named that Meliteus. Meliteus became a hero and founded a town name Melita, which method Honey town.

Bees in Christianity


It was quite common to compare the Christian monastic areas with a beehive.

The bees had actually all the virtues the were vital in a monastery; unselfishness, cleanliness, courage, sociability, wisdom, chastity, administrative skills and spirituality.

The name Deborah means “bee”. Deborah to be a prophet in the Bible.

She was a referee in Israel and also many describe her as the mommy of Israel. She story deserve to be read in the book of Judges thing 4 and also 5.

Pope metropolitan VIII (1568-1644) had three bees in his coat of Arms. He gold bees were chosen due to the fact that they stood for loyalty and also diligence.

Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose (339 – 397 A.D.)– Patron Saint the Bees, Beekeepers, Candle makers and also Wax Refiners

His feast work is December 7th. Ambrose was a bishop and a statesman in Italy.

He to be a brilliant preacher and defender of orthodox Catholicism against Arianism. He to be the one who baptized Augustine in 387.

Legend has it the a swarm the bees landed on Ambrose once he to be an infant. This was interpreted as a sure sign of this future articulateness and greatness.

Saint Bernhard that Clairvau

Saint Bernhard the Clairvau (1090-1153) is the Patron Saint the Beekeepers and also Wax-Melters.

His feast work is august 20th.

Saint Bernhard was a French abbot and also advisor to spiritual leaders. His love the the Virgin mary was immense. His occupational “On the song of Songs” is considered a standard work. Pope Pius VIII named him “Doctor of the Church” in 1830.

He was nick-named “Doctor Mellifluous” because he to be considered great speaker.

One might wonder why that is patron saint that beekeepers together he never worked with bees.

The reason is simple. During the Middle ages bees to be the can be fried symbol that eloquence. Saint Bernard likewise claimed the bee to it is in symbol of the divine Ghost.

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine (176-273) Patron Saint of Beekeepers

Saint Valentine is widely well-known as the patron saint of love, involved couples and also happy marriages. His feat work is as we all understand February 14th.

He is likewise patron saint versus fainting, the plague, epilepsy and also beekeepers. Being named patron saint the beekeepers tells united state loads around his influential speaking.

Bees symbolize eloquence.

Samson’s Riddle

In Judges thing 14 you will uncover the story that Samson and also his riddle.

The riddle goes prefer this:

“Out of the eater came something come eat. The end of the solid came other sweet” Judges 14:14


Samson had huge strength. He had actually an encounter through a roaring lion when he to be on his way to propose to a Philistine woman in Timnah. He eliminated the lion with his ceiling hands and also ripped the pet open.

Later when he was going come his wedding party Samson saw the remains of the lion. The observed the bees had nested in the carcass and also made honey. The ate few of the honey.

At the wedding party he told the riddle to the thirty groomsmen who were all Philistines.

If they might solve it within seven days, he would provide them thirty pieces of fine linen and also garments, however if they might not resolve it; castle would offer him thirty piece of good linen and garments.

Samson was really confident they would not be able to solve the riddle due to the fact that he never had told anyone around the lion.

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The groomsmen got desperate and secretly intimidated his bride.

They told she they would burn her and also her father’s residence if she did not carry out the answer to the riddle.

She did regulate to gain Samson to expose the answer i m sorry she happen on come the Philistines.

On the saturday day lock came v the answer: “What is sweeter than honey? What is stronger than a lion?” Judges 14:18