I"m having actually some difficulty in acquiring an understanding on what "saturation with vapor" in reality means. The inquiry is asked in the paper definition of atmospheric air ending up being saturated v water vapor and also beginning come condense. As far as i understand, as soon as vapor is added to a volume of air, water molecules replace air molecules rather than just squeezing into the room between existing molecule (Avogadro"s law). Is the a not correct impression? If not, walk "saturation with water vapor" (100% humidity) mean there room no more air molecules in the volume, and it is fully occupied by water molecules? Or room they obtaining equal in number?

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Air may contain various quantities of water vapor. Because that a provided temperature and pressure, there is a border to the portion of water vapor the air might hold. Past that limit, water vapor will certainly condense right into water droplets, and be gotten rid of from the gaseous/vapor step of the air. The condensation is frequently seen as fog or dew.

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Air that contains the maximum amount of water vapor for a given temperature and pressure is said to be saturated. Another means of saying the exact same thing is that the relative humidity is 100%.

does "saturation with water vapor" (100% humidity) mean there room no more air molecule in that volume, and also it is totally occupied through water molecules?

Absolutely not, at least if the temperature of the waiting is much less than 100 degrees Celsius (212 levels Fahrenheit). In ~ "normal" air temperatures, the percent of "air" molecules will always be much greater than the portion of water molecules. However, over a boil pot the water, the percent of water molecules may dominate.

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Or space they getting equal in number?

No. Again, in ~ "normal" temperature there will be much more "air" molecule in the air 보다 water molecules even when the air is saturated through water.