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How to use the word je

The native je is a subject pronoun centregalilee.comrresponding come English I:

it typically centregalilee.commes just prior to the verb: centregalilee.comnstructions choose EnglishI usually work (where over there is an adverb in between I and the verb) aren"tpossible in French; the verb should "agree" with je: seethe grammar short article on just how to say I to be in Frenchfor much more information; to interpret phrases such as David and also I, usage moi; if thephrase is the subject of the verb, usage the nous form of the verb,which constantly ends in -ons(David and also I work = David et moi travaillons).

centregalilee.commment traduire en anglais "je travaille", "je suis" etc?

Au temps présent:

to water exprimer une action habituelle, top top utilise I avecla forme basic du verbe: I work = je travaille; pour exprimer la concept de "je suis en train de travailler" (etc) ou"je travaille (etc) en ce moment",il faut utiliser la formule I to be I am functioning (at the moment) = je travaille (en ce moment) (la expression suivante ne se dirait pas en anglais: I work at the moment).

1 je subject clitic


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(a) shortened come j" prior to a collection I; plusieurs centregalilee.comntractions sont possibles en anglais ~ suis... I"m..., i am... (frm or emphatic); j"ai deux soeurs I"ve got two sisters, I have two sisters (frm)
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