Cute masculine Honorific Suffix

After a character"s name, kyun きゅん is a honorific suffix, a cutesy to say kun くん. It"s provided by fans, in certain fujoshi, to describe cute male characters.

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For example: Aichi-kyun アイチきゅん, native Cardfight!! Vanguard. This usage is similar to the honorific ~tan ~たん,


omae datte "sou-uke no Kojuurou-kyun" toka iwarete ichibu no joshi ni daininki rashii zo?お前だって「総受けの小十郎きゅん」とか言われて一部の女子にだ大人気らしいぞ hear you, too, are referred to as "the complete bottom Kojuurou-kyun" and also are really popular with one part of the girls?kyaaきゃーー*fangirling noises*

Falling in Love

It"s a mimetic word because that one"s chest or heart compressing, offered when a character drops in love with one more character or find them exceptionally cute.

See also: mune-kyun 胸キュン.


Context: the audience city hall the theatre play Futari no Joou ふたりの女王, "the two queens," is charmed by the beloved queen Ardis.kirei dashi, yasashii shi, akarui shi, kawaii shi... きれいだし やさしいし 明るいし 可愛いし・・・ is pretty, is gentle, is cheerful, is cute...akarui 明るい Bright. Well-lit. The opposite of dark. Cheerful.
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