Entry to LAX is only allowed for airline passengers and also persons meeting, accompanying or assisting them, and airport personnel whose employment requires their presence. LAX is closed to the basic public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Opening hrs for passengers and personnel vary between terminals; persons are advised to check with your airline or employer.

The closure uses to all areas and buildings displayed in the map below.

Persons violating the closure are subject to arrest and misdemeanor start (Los Angeles Municipal Code ar 171.02(n)).


CONTACT INFORMATIONLAX Infoline (855) 463 5252 or infoline

Check-in/Drop turn off & pick up

How early should ns be in ~ the airport prior to a flight?

Enhanced federally mandated security steps are in ar at Los Angeles global Airport (LAX). The brand-new measures require travelers come be aware of changes in package check-in and also security screening. They likewise require extra take trip time. Please call your airline to check your flight prior to going come the airport and also to obtain its referral on when you have to arrive in ~ the airport. Flight schedules vary throughout the job and, in general, flights scheduled during LAX"s day-to-day peak travel periods when an ext flights are reserved (6:30 to be to 9:00 am for residential flights, 11:00 to be to 2:00 pm and also 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm for domestic and also international flights) will require passengers to allot an ext time because that ticketing, baggage check-in and security screening. To be specific to CA wait time, you can uncover ithere.

can I choose up or drop off passengers at curbside?

Yes. The curbside drop turn off is permitted, yet waiting or parking is prohibited.

have the right to I wait in ~ the gate for passengers? If not, where can I wait?

No. Commonwealth regulations currently prohibit non-ticketed persons beyond passenger protection screening at all U.S. Airports. Please satisfy your showing up party in the terminal baggage claim area or terminal curbside. Announcements space made to showing up passengers that they can accomplish their welcoming next in these 2 areas. Airlines will certainly accommodate inquiry by people meeting passengers v special needs, elderly, and unaccompanied minors. Please check with the airline directly.

Parking and also Ground Transportation

carry out I need parking reservations at LAX, and will parking certainly be available?

LAX"s parking lots do not expropriate parking reservations. LAX provides extensive parking choices in the main Terminal Area (which uses covered parking in structures across from the airline terminals) and also in which you are encouraged to use to assist avoid vehicle congestion about the terminals.

For particular parking accessibility and traffic conditions on the work of your travel, track in come the LAX Travelers Information organization radio terminal at am 530. Or, to view traffic problems in "real-time" in ~ LAX and on surrounding streets, log ontohttp://trafficinfo.lacity.org/html/lax.html. To uncover out more about LAX parking, visit Parking

To increase the convenience, speed and reliability of your expedition to LAX, you can want to consider other alternatives other 보다 driving to acquire to the airport. You can attain information about a number of transportation options at soil Transportation.

Where deserve to I uncover parking because that the disabled?

Extra-wide parking spaces, figured out by price or marked "Disabled Parking," room conveniently situated immediately nearby to elevators ~ above every level of every LAX terminal parking structures.

Vehicles v disabled placards or license plates have constantly been permitted to park in the parking structures where preferential locations near ramps and also elevators have actually been designated for their exclusive use.

What type of ground transport is over there at LAX?

Free shuttle bus company is provided to the Los Angeles county Metropolitan transportation Authority - subway Rail eco-friendly Line Aviation Station. If you great to usage this shuttle bus service, please wait under theLAX spaceship & Airline Connectionsblue authorize on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal, and board the "G" Shuttle.

You likewise can take it the "E" shuttle from the exact same pick-up allude to acquire to theLos Angeles county Metropolitan transport AuthorityBus Center, where you deserve to board city buses offer the Los Angeles area. Information on city bus solutions is available by telephone on the Information screen Board in the baggage case area in each terminal. In addition, you can acquire local transit info by calling 323 GO subway or 323 466 3876.

Other windy bus authorities offer LAX areCulver City Bus Lines,Santa Monica big Blue Bus, andTorrance Transit. (Click on every bus line name for call information.) You deserve to pick up this buses in ~ the Los Angeles county Metropolitan transport Authority Bus center in economic situation Lot E.

To plan a trip using publicly transportation,click hereto access the Los Angeles County metropolitan Transit Authority"s expedition Planner Service.

Rental CarsApproximately 40 rental automobile companies operate out the LAX, with car rental sites located off the airport. Countless of these rental auto companies administer phone web links inside the Lower/Arrival Level area the the terminals so you deserve to request a spaceship pick approximately reach the rental automobile sites.

Ten rental automobile companies are permitted to pick-up and also drop-off your customers directly from the airline terminals making use of courtesy shuttles. These room the complying with companies:

advantage Alamo Avis spending plan Dollar companies Hertz Fox/Payless nationwide Thrifty

These service providers are enabled to meet showing up customers under the purple sign "Rental auto Shuttles" top top the Lower/Arrival level islands external baggage claim.

Customers of other rental automobile companies should call their rental automobile companies of selection using the Ground transportation Telephone plank in baggage claim locations of every terminal to arrange for pick-up.

These client will usage the free LAX shuttle Bus to reach the Off-Airport Rental vehicle Terminal to fulfill their rental vehicle courtesy shuttle. Client should meet the LAX spaceship Bus "Economy lot of E" ~ above the Lower/Arrivals level island under the authorize for LAX spaceship to take trip to the rental vehicle terminal.

Click top top the complying with for a list of rental automobile companies offer LAX.

Scheduled BusesThe adhering to scheduled buses provide service indigenous LAX to miscellaneous parts of Los Angeles and also some bordering regions. Friend are encouraged to call the companies an initial for an ext information. These buses choose up passengers on the Lower/Arrival Level archipelago in front of every terminal under the eco-friendly signBuses & long Distance Vans.

Click top top each firm name in this perform for contact information.

Shared journey VansTwo shared ride van companies,Prime Time ShuttleandSuperShuttle, operate out the LAX and also are authorized to offer all southerly California counties. Friend are urged to contact the companies very first for much more information. (Click top top the firm names above for call information.) this vans pick up passengers on the Lower/Arrival Level archipelago in prior of every terminal under the orange signShared journey Vans.

TaxisTaxis can be uncovered curbside on the Lower/Arrival Level archipelago in prior of each terminal under the yellow sign indicatingTaxis. You will certainly be presented v a ticket stating usual fares to significant destinations. Only authorized taxis v an official seal issued by City of Los Angeles room of transportation on each vehicle are allowed in the airport. It is illegal for any type of transportation solutions to solicit fares, and also travelers using such services carry out so in ~ their own risk.

Click top top the complying with for a list of taxi companies serving LAX.

When you take it a taxi indigenous LAX, you will certainly be presented v a ticket stating common fares to major destinations. Just authorized taxis through an main seal, depicted on every vehicle, are permitted in the airport.

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Rates for buses, shared ride vans and long distance vans vary depending upon where you space traveling, therefore you might want to examine with the companies first on prices. (See the response to the question, "What type of ground transport is over there at LAX?" for details top top the different species of buses and also shared ride and also long street vans accessible at the airport.)

Information on taxi service, through a link to taxis offer LAX, is situated atGround transport page. Details on common ride vans, long distance vans and also scheduled buses, likewise with a attach to suppliers serving LAX, is atGround Transportation.