What go Lulu mean?


▼ as a girls" name is express LOO-loo. The is that Swahili, Tanzanian and Hawaiian origin, and the definition of Lulu is "precious; pearl; calm, peaceful, protected". Also a pet type of names like Louise (Old German) "famous warrior" and Luella. Fashion designer Lulu Guinness.STARTS with Lu-

ASSOCIATED v precious, old, warrior


ALTERNATIVE creates VIA LOUISE, LUELLA Lois▼, Lola, Lou▼, Lu▼, Luella▼, Luelle, Luisa▲, Luise, Lujza, Lula▼, Lulita

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSLulu Lainey (L.L.), ..

How popular is Lulu?

Lulu is a very prominent very first name for females (#1499 out of 4276, height 35%) and also a slightly less prominent surname because that all people (#101654 the end of 150436, top 68%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Lulu got to its top rank of #95 in the U.S. In the 1880s, yet is not noted at the moment. (2018 birth STATISTICS)



Which version is better?

Prominent different forms the Lulu ranked in the peak 2000 space Lois (#1693 VIA latest LIST), Lola (#239), Lou, Louise (#800), Lu, Luella (#954), Luisa (#1112) and Lula (#1860). These relations of Lulu were favored a century ago (AVERAGE #334) and have become significantly much less conventional due to the fact that (#1406, ▼93%), through versions like Louise ending up being less in vogue. Luisa is the many contemporarily stylish girl surname in this compilation.

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Similar Names

Lulu▼ is alike in pronunciation come Laila▲, Laily, Lala, Laleh, Lali, Lalia, Lalla, Lally, Lalya, Layla▲, Leala, Leela▲, Lela▼, Lelia▼, Lila▲, Lilah▲, Lili, Lilia▲, Lilie, Lilla▼, Lilly, Lilo, Lily▲, Loela and Lyla▲. Other said similar-sounding names space Lal, Lil, Luba, Luce, Luci, Lucy, Luna▲, Lupe▼, Lura▼, Lusa and Luz. These names tend to be less commonly used 보다 Lulu.