If you’re looking for a vibrant color that package a punch, look at no more than lime green. Named after the citrus fruit, this invigorating shade is no for the shy and retiring. Because of its interlocutor nature, it’s ideal to use lime environment-friendly in tiny batches. Right here are our favourite 7 colors the go with lime green that really load a punch whatever vibe you space going for – lime green and navy, lime green and purple, lime green and also blue, lime green and turquoise lime green and also pink and lime green and orange. If that’s as well bold a statement for you, why not try neutral color combinations v lime environment-friendly such together lime green and grey, lime green and black and lime green and also white? We’ve obtained some great lime green shade combinations that will certainly make your format pop!

What color is Lime Green?

Lime green is a bright green named after the color of the skin the limes. It’s a lively fresh color that to add zing to any kind of color combination. Yellows and also blues are great colors that match with lime green due to the fact that this the shade lies betweenyellow green and also yellow.

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The hex shade lime green shade code is #32CD32. In the Pantone shade system, the Pantone password for lime eco-friendly is 14-0452 TPX.

Colors the Go through Lime Green

Despite what many human being think, there are many great color combinations through lime green. You have the right to pair it with various other eye-catching colour or stick with neutrals because that a an ext classic look.

Lime Green and also Navy

Greens and blues constantly look great together, and also the combination of navy and also lime eco-friendly is no exception. A navy-colored article is a an excellent way come tone down the brightness that the lime green pieces, although it’s typical to uncover items through these 2 colors currently incorporated.

Lime environment-friendly with navy is the ideal combination for anyone aiming because that a bright, preppy look.

Lime green and also navy doesn’t always have to it is in preppy though. Examine out this moody happy navy and lime environment-friendly piece indigenous UK brand, Rockett St George.


A lime green and also navy flocked goddess bust (Image credit: Rockett St George)

Lime Green and Blue

Similar come the lime green and also purple combination, blue and lime green is a happy option when it concerns decorating her home. Although the two colors can be very strong when matched, utilizing them in moderation is a an excellent way come play through color.


A lime green sofa v a blue rug watch chic when paired in a off-white painted traditionally panelled room (Image credit: Sofology)

Lime eco-friendly mixes yes, really well v blues and also greens.

Lime Green and also Turquoise

Turquoise is a mix that blue and also green, which way it easy to pair with various other colors in the same color family. Together such, turquoise and also lime eco-friendly go an extremely well together.


You have the right to see just how well lime green and turquoise as well as lime green and also blues job-related together.

As with most lime green shade combinations, lime green and also turquoise have the right to be overpowering in large quantities.

Lime Green and Purple

Purple is among the coolest color combinations through lime green. This lime eco-friendly color mix works because purple is a complementary color of lime green.


Lime green and also purple beanbags because that the back yard (Image credit: Cuckooland)

Unless you’re feather to do a bold statement in her home, it’s essential to discover subtle accent pieces in purple and also lime environment-friendly instead. An additional option is to use a paler shades of lime green and also purple (instead of the jewel-toned colors). This mix adds a bit of playfulness there is no being fully overwhelming.


The various ways different shades that lime green and purple match each other.

Lime Green and also Pink

Pink and also lime green is a bold combination, and the vibe of her room will depend on the the shade of pink that you use. Because that example, a raspberry red pink and also green evokes the color of watermelons and summer.


Color combinations with lime green and also pink, including lime green and also hot pink

What is the look you space going for? warm pink and lime environment-friendly adds character and also energy, while pastel pink bring a felinity and softness come the shade palette.

Lime Green and Orange

Bring a taste that the tropics right into your residence with a lime green and also orange color mix These two citrus-themed colour will have you emotion as if every job is summer!


Various shades the lime green and also orange incorporate to evoke various moods

The warm hues that the orange blend with the cool shades that the lime green, developing a festive and also luminous setting throughout her home.

Lime Green and also Neutrals

Lime eco-friendly is a show-stopping shade on the own. If you desire to to mark the brightness and also beauty of her lime eco-friendly decor, it’s a great idea to pair it v something neutral.


lime environment-friendly blinds include a pop of shade in a white and also black kitchen (Image credit: English Blinds)

Lime green and also white offers a clean, timeless look, if lime green and also black to add drama.


A playful lime eco-friendly rug adds interest to a neutral room (Image credit: Sonya Winner Rug Studio)

Lime green and also grey is another combination for a neutral pairing. The dark, muted tones that grey enable the vivid shades the lime environment-friendly to yes, really pop.


Lime eco-friendly adds a pop of shade to a chic neutral grey table (Image credit: john Lewis)

Like the look of these lime green shade combination? spread the Word! pin this to your Pinterest Boards because that future reference!


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