English speakers space taught from an early age that putting much more than one an unfavorable in a sentence is grammar incorrect. In fact, I’m certain my English teacher would have spontaneously combusted had actually I ever written “I don’t have actually nothing,” in among my essays!

Not therefore in Italian! In the language the love, the is perfect acceptable to use 2 or even three negative in one sentence as we’ll discover by analysing our word that the day: niente.

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IPA: /ˈnjɛn.te/

Niente, which is words for nothing (and occasionally anything) in Italian, frequently appears with the an adverse adverb non to type a dual negative.

Che noia – non ho niente da fare!

What a drag – I’ve got nothing come do!What a drag – i haven’t acquired anything to do!

Niente v the verb fare (to do) can be used to say that something doesn’t matter.

Mi not like that dimenticato di comprare il latte. – non fa niente, ne rimane ancora un po’.

I forgot to buy milk. The doesn’t matter, there’s a little bit left.

It can likewise appear with non and also other negative adverbs such as mai (ever/never), più (any more/no longer) or ancora (not yet/still) to form a triple negative. Anytime there room three negatives in a sentence, that is constantly translated as anything in English.

Non hai mangiato ancora niente. Stai male?

You haven’t eaten anything yet. Room you unwell?

Perché no hai mai niente da dire?

Why don’t you ever have anything to say?Why execute you never have anything to say?

Non riesco più a fare niente.

I can’t perform anything anymore.

Niente can additionally exist top top its own without any other negatives as in the examples below.

Niente è come sembra.

Nothing is as it seems.

Ti offer niente dalla cucina?

You don’t need anything indigenous the kitchen?

Si è comportato come se niente fosse.

He acted together if nothing had happened.

When came before by the preposition per, you gain the expression per niente which means not in ~ all. The can likewise be analyzed as an absolute no.

Non mi ha dato fastidio every niente.

It didn’t stroked nerves me in ~ all.

Non ho every niente voglia di farlo.

I have no desire whatsoever to do it.

The noun niente is the word Italians usage to explain nothingness, nonexistence or the void.

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No ho niente da fare. = I have nothing come do.

Useful expressions featuring niente