What is a PDQ display? PDQ screens are smaller, lightweight, easy-to-install trays, bins or racks the are generally used in inspect out locations of retail spaces. They’re usually point-of sale devices, and most corrugated PDQ screens are flexible in terms of what you can sell in them. The surname “PDQ” is a play on the expression “pretty bland quick” however it’s additionally sometimes called “product displayed quickly.”


Where execute PDQs work-related Best?PDQs will work in a variety of retail spaces, including:

AirportsBig crate storesConvenience storesDrugstoresElectronics storesGas stationsGrocery storesMall kiosksStudiosTruck stops

If you’d choose to learn an ext about PDQs and also see how and also if they have the right to make a difference in your retail store, contact creative Displays currently or offer us a contact today in ~ 1-855-284-6922 – us love helping customers number out new ways to market products and improve your profit.

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