Composers have actually been setup ‘Pie Jesu’ to music for the last couple of hundred years. However what space the text to this beautiful Latin miniature?

At the simplest, ‘Pie Jesu’ is just two lines of text from the final couplet the the Latin singing ‘Dies irae’:

Pie Jesu Domine,Dona eis requiem (sempiternam).

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Which equates as:

Merciful JesusGrant them rest (everlasting)

When Gabriel Fauré dropped in love v the couplet and also used the in his Requiem (1887 – 1890), his girlfriend Camille Saint-Saëns said: “Just together Mozart’s is the just ‘Ave verum corpus’, this is the only ‘Pie Jesu’”.

Fauré could have composed among the most renowned settings the the couplet, but composers have actually been setup ‘Pie Jesu’ come music ever before since.

‘Pie Jesu’ has been set to music by Fauré, man Rutter and Karl Jenkins and also recorded by several of the world’s most famous operatic and also crossover sopranos, consisting of Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, Anna Netrebko and also Hayley Westenra.

And the course, yes Andrew Lloyd Webber’s setting.

Unlike a classic requiem mass, Lloyd Webber combined the texts of ‘Pie Jesu’ and ‘Agnus Dei’ for his Requiem.

It to be an exciting treatment that the sacred texts and also a huge departure indigenous his usual layout – and one that earned him a Grammy compensation for ideal Classical modern Composition in 1986.

What space the lyrics to Lloyd Webber’s ‘Pie Jesu’?

Pie JesuQui tollis peccata mundiDona eis requiemSempiternamRequiem

Merciful JesusWho takes far the guilty of the worldGrant lock restEverlastingRest

One of the most renowned performances that Lloyd Webber’s setup is by sarah Brightman – his then-wife – that premiered the Requiem fixed in 1985 in a duet v boy soprano Paul Miles-Kingston.

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The Lloyd Webber ingredient has because been spanned on numerous talent shows, consisting of an angelic interpretation by young contestant Andrew ~ above Britain’s got Talent in 2008 and also a three-part arrangement by the group Forte top top America’s obtained Talent.

The following renowned performances that ‘Pie Jesu’ space also easily accessible to watch on YouTube:

- Anna Netrebko – clock here- Charlotte Church – watch here- Celtic woman – watch here- Hayley Westenra – watch here- Sissel Kyrkjebø – clock here

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