After looking it up, I"ve discovered that it most likely stems indigenous an ad from the 70"s for a muesli bar referred to as Swisskit. The slogan was something follow me the present of “Risk it for a Swisskit” and I"m guessing that after part years of being thrown around, it was eventually bowdlerized come the generic “Risk it for a biscuit”.

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Click come see complete answer. Thereof, would certainly you risk it for a biscuit?

The initial phrase was the simpler, "Risk it because that Biscuit." just kidding. It"s probably just since it rhymes and biscuit can be a term for money.

One may additionally ask, what does it mean to danger it all? It"s a slang term as soon as people choose to do risky things. That phrase is provided when someone is about to do other dangerous that can injury themselves, career, family, whatever they love etc. Castle don"t care if castle do it. Right here are part examples. Human 1: "If girlfriend jump off this cliff, you will risk the all!"

People also ask, what is biscuit slang for?

The definition of BISCUIT is "Attractive person" or "Cookie"

What does hazard it because that a biscuit mean?

risk it for the biscuit. (colloquial, humorous) To take a risk because that the opportunity of some advantage or reward.

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Who stated no danger it no biscuit?

This was after Mike Tomlin called Arians the would shot to obtain him a raise. "No threat it, no biscuit": This isn"t simply Arians" coaching approach -- it"s just how he stays his life.
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What is a Swisskit?

> Swisskit Bars. In the 70s, the ad for Swisskit cacao bars had the slogan, "Don"t risk it because that a Swisskit". That featured a male skiing under a slope and then (surprise, surprise!) crashing right into a tree.
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What does boy of a biscuit mean?

son that a biscuit
1. Slang A mean or unpleasant person, especially a man. A minced oath replacing the profane expression "son of a bitch." slang an emphatic expression the affection or admiration for a man.
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What is a girl biscuit?

Girl under legal age who has actually potential to be warm when older. She"s definitely a biscuit.
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What go butter mine biscuits average sexually?

User Info: Awesome_Bastard. Awesome_Bastard 8 year ago#12. Bread n butter = money. butter my biscuit = means work-related to do .. Typically for money however you can simply suicide the scv so girlfriend don"t need to pay lock afterwards.
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What walk kiss mine biscuit mean?

Composition. Musically, "Biscuit" is a pop tune in i beg your pardon Levan sings around kissing her "biscuit", which is a euphemism for she buttocks, obtained from the southern expression "butter my butt and call me a biscuit".
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What go whisker biscuit mean?

A Whisker Biscuit is a patented arrowhead rest with man-made bristles and a hole in the centre, to totally encircle and also hold the arrow shaft in perfect alignment and enables feathers or vanes to pass easily through, so over there is no fletch clearance problem.
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What walk scary biscuits mean?

We have tendency to speak it as soon as something is off the wall and scares us. Has actually anyone rather heard this expression? i haven"t, however the Urban dictionary has an entry for it ( "when something is fairly scary".
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What is a biscuit referred to as in England?

Biscuit (UK) / Cookie (US)
In the UK, this are generally called biscuits, although world do contact the bigger, softer sort cookies, too. However, in the UK, people LOVE biscuits (especially with tea) and there room hundreds of different varieties that aren"t called cookies, too.
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What walk biscuits typical in England?

The native biscuit derives indigenous the Latin bis, meaning twice, and also coctus, meaning cooked. The term came right into use in 14th century England to define a confection the is baked and then dried out, to develop a hard, flat item that goes soft over time and delicious once dipped in a cup the tea.

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Is a biscuit a cookie?

Cookie is a term supplied for sweet, flat, small goods. Biscuit is a term provided for a variety of baked, mainly flour-based food products. Cookies are normally sweet.
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Who said you have to risk it to acquire the biscuit?

Shawn Colfax
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