The SpA is the many prestigious agency in Italy, comparable to the PLC in UK and the windy corporation in USA. If your organization requires trust much more than usual, or you must work with far-ranging letter the credits or loans, friend should more than likely start her Italian undertaking with a SPA.

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Another typical reason come setup a SPA is to operate in regulation markets. If you desire to open up a bank in Italy, an insurance money business, intermediary gold, and more, you have the right to operate only if you combine an Italian SPA.

Joint Stock company in Italy – SummaryCompany name: SpA (Società per Azioni)Similar companies: corporation in US, PLC in UK, Ireland, etc, share corporation AG in Germany and also Austria, SAS in France, SA in Spain, share stock agency ZAO or OAO in Russia.Minimum re-superstructure capital: Eur 120,000 (only Eur 30,000 have to be paid. View below)Minimum variety of shareholders: One. However 1 shareholder must deposit a bigger re-publishing capital. View below.Minimum number of directors: OneNationality that the shareholders: any type of (with some rare exceptions)Nationality the the director: any type of (with some rare exceptions)Limited liability: Yes. Shareholders advantage of a complete limited liabilityAuditing: Required. A plank of Auditors (Collegio Sindacale) of 3 independent auditors need to be employed.Physical office: Not required (a online office is sufficient to setup the company and to attain the VAT number)

The minimum capital to be deposited in Italy is Eur 120,000. This expense could be decreased to 25% (Eur 30,000) if your company is included with 2 or an ext shareholders. In short:

If you incorporate a joint stock company in Italy with one early shareholder = the complete deposit must be Eur 120,000;If you perform the same operation with 2 or an ext shareholders = the total deposit is just 25% that the sum.

Note: It’s not Eur 30,000 because that each shareholder, but Eur 30,000 in total. Hence one shareholder need to deposit Eur 120,000 while for instance four shareholders deposit Eur 7,500 each. Why? there is no logical explanation other than “it’s the law”, countless not fully logical interpretations and my personal view that you deserve to read in my write-up on restricted Liability providers in Italy.

The dominion is valid for any kind of share resources you pick. Hence – if you decision to setup a share stock company with Eur 4 millions share resources – you will be forced to pay the entirety sum if you space alone, and also only Eur 250,000 if you room in a team of four equal shareholders.

How to minimize this price if you space a solely shareholder

The most used solution by specifically shareholder to pay just a 25% diminished share capital, is to open the Italian company with 2 shareholder: you and also your international company. And also if you don’t have actually a foreign company, you have the right to setup one in a low expense EU jurisdiction such together the UK. You will not find this dominance in a law book, and also multinational enterprise don’t need it, but it’s legit and more common than you think.

When girlfriend should probably setup a share stock agency SPAWhen call matters more than usual;When the business requires significant letters that credit and also loans;When the law says so (with part exception, you need a SPA to open up a financial institution in Italy, one insurance, a gold trader, an online gambling, and also in general control a regulated business).When you should NOT setup a joint stock agency SPAWhen friend don’t have any certain reason to perform so.

The SPA is the many expensive that the Italian companies. If over there isn’t any certain need, just open a traditional restricted Company (SRL) or a Subsidiary. Girlfriend can always upgrade the SRL or Subsidiary come a SPA later.

Image source: Library of Congress. Investors wait for news about the south Sea Company, one of the earliest joint stock firm formed in London in 1711.

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