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‘Others argue the it is very unlikely the the Scottish executive, management or Westminster would suddenly step into the breach and also come to the rescue v a potful that cash.’‘He said that if the Rivers firm did not have the manpower to finish the task then the Council would be more than happy to step right into the breach.’‘Perhaps now that society doesn"t price the maternal instinct in the method it when did there is a void to fill and also men, newly emasculated, space stepping into the breach.’‘The nationwide Heritage Memorial money stepped right into the breach and also handed end £1 million to cover the work.’‘Eventually the is unable to speak to the numbers, therefore Bobby steps into the breach and also becomes one overnight hit.’‘So the worker who appears to be incredibly diligent and also hard working, deserve to in fact perhaps it is in trying come cover up their tracks and also make sure there"s no possibility for anyone to step right into the breach and also uncover their fraudulent acts?’‘Well, not if - I would echo what Jonah claims - no if someone rather steps into the breach.’‘However, if the united state consumer, the mainstay of lot of the US"s positive economic performance until September 11, decides to cool off for a while, the manufacturing sector is showing indicators of stepping into the breach for a change.’‘A spokesman because that the association of British take trip Agents said: ‘It is great news the someone is stepping right into the breach, not simply for the holidaymaker yet for all those who have second homes in north France.’’‘The tiny guys have reached the breaking point and are taking matters right into their own hands - stepping into the breach with the one-two punch of proxy resolutions and lawsuits.’‘But he"s disappeared, because that now, so I"m stepping right into the breach.’‘Critics will say NGOs aren"t merely gallantly stepping into the breach, quite they actually look for to perpetuate their power in crises like this.’‘But critical week it was announced the the town"s jazz culture was stepping right into the breach and the show would walk on for just £6,000.’‘Our thanks should go come them for stepping into the breach.’‘So, in the attention of returning part level the sanity to public discourse, ns am stepping into the breach.’‘Principals and deputy principals stepped right into the breach after combination of secondary Teachers that Ireland members withdrew from the job-related over a year ago.’‘The job is currently vacant in ~ the moment, i m sorry is funny for all involved - for this reason I have actually bravely stepped right into the breach, lot to the relief the the lovely-sounding head librarian at the school.’

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deputize, act, act as deputy, substitute, act together substitute, act as stand-in, fill in, sit in, execute duty, take it over, act as understudy, act as locum, perform a locum, be a proxy, cover, carry out cover, organize the fort, step into the breach