I often receive the same questions by email. To save us both some trouble, here is a an overview of the most-asked questions and my answers.

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`I have actually answered three questions, and that is enough,’ claimed his father; `don’t give yourself airs! perform you think I deserve to listen all day to such stuff? it is in off, or I’ll kick you down stairs!’

Q: was Carroll top top drugs when he created the Alice books, or space the books around drugs?

A: No. Carroll go not usage drugs while writing the story. The larger component of the story was invented when he was on a watercraft trip v a friend, the real Alice and her sisters. He developed it while lock rowed.

If Carroll to be on drugs, the Alice books would more than likely be a collection of rambling, disconnected, surrealist scenarios. But the Alice books are much from random. They contain some very intricate logic difficulties and very clever puns (not to point out Alice’s journey in “Through the Looking-Glass”, which follows the moves of a chess game), that can only it is in the work-related of a spicy mind in full regulate of that abilities.

Furthermore, you’ll discover the same format of composing in the magazines he composed in his youth, his assorted poems, stories, and other writings, and also especially in the letters he wrote. If the Alice books were drug induced, the rest of his voluminous output would seem to suggest he to be on medicine 24/7.

No proof has ever been found that connected Carroll come recreational medicine use. Even in his substantial diaries, Carroll has actually never made any kind of reference to the usage of drugs, other than for one time as soon as he took opium because that a toothache (Burstein). Carroll wasn’t also a smoker – in 1886 he wrote to Henry Savile Clarke: “I’m not a smoker myself, yet I allow my friends to smoke in mine rooms.” (Cohen 293)

There is but one part in the book that might describe the usage of drugs: the hookah smoking cigarettes Caterpillar that advises Alice come eat from the mushroom. V the story Carroll made fun of all facets of society, and also it might be feasible that he was mirroring the age with this part: In the victor era there to be no drug regulations like we recognize them now. Opium, cocaine, and also laudanum (a painkiller that included opium) were provided for medicine purposes, and could be obtained from a pharmacist (LSD was no yet invented at the time!). For this reason in Carroll’s days it was not unusual to experience the result of being ‘high’, whether or not accidentally. The chapter about the hookah smoking cigarettes caterpillar wasn’t component of the initial story; that was among the scene he added later when he made decision to i announced the story and expanded it for that purpose.

However, it was definitely not Carroll’s on purpose to write a book around drugs: he want to game a small girl that he loved.

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Q: was Carroll a pedophile?

A: No. Carroll (whose real name was Dodgson) certainly liked little girls very much, and also loved to entertain them and be in your presence. However, over there is no evidence at all that he was sexually attracted to them. When his child-friends grew up, castle told just positive stories around their warm friendship, and often the friendship ongoing during their adulthood. For example, Ethel Rowell, that was among his private students and child friend, recalled:

“<…> In Mr. Dodgson’s visibility I feeling proud and also humble, elegant conferred therefore upon an ignorant schoolgirl through the magnanimity the a proud and really humble and very great and good man … He to be so patience of all one’s limitations, for this reason understanding, therefore infinitely kind.” (Cohen, 474)

Carroll loved to kiss his child-friends, but was an extremely aware that this might be inappropriate if the girls were older. The he loved them since of your innocence, not in a sexual sense, and would never do anything versus their own will or the of your parents, becomes clean from few of his letters, like this one i beg your pardon Carroll created to Ethel Rowell’s mother:

“The gift entrusted v the treatment of Ethel for a day is together a great advance on only acquintanceship, that I venture to asking if I may regard myself together on ‘kissing’ terms v her, as I to be with numerous a girl-friend a good deal older 보다 she is. Considering that – she gift 17 and I 63 – ns am quite old sufficient to be she grandfather, ns hope friend won’t think the a very out-of-the-way suggestion. Nevertheless, if I find you think it wiser that we should only shake hands, ns shall not be in the least hurt. Of course i shall, uneven I hear come the contrary, proceed to shake hand only.” (Cohen, 187)

In 1880, that wrote:

“I promised a Snark to rather a brand-new little friend, Lily Alice Godfrey, from brand-new York: age eight; yet talked favor a girl of fifteen or sixteen, and also declined to it is in kissed on wishing goodbye, ~ above the ground the she ‘never kissed gentlemen.’ it is fairly painful to check out the lover simplicity of childhood so quickly rubbed off: however I are afraid it is true that there room no kids in America.” (Cohen, 188)

Contrary to renowned belief, Carroll did not only have actually child-friends. He likewise had several (female) adult friends. Only about 25% of all ‘children’ he to be in call with, was under the period of 14, and 25% was older 보다 18 year old (Peeters). Nor is it true that he disliked little boys.

Carroll to be an avid photographer and besides his regular portraits, the did periodically photograph kids in the nude. However, in his time make nude photographs of children wasn’t uncommon. Many Victorian artists, prefer Julia Margaret Cameron and also Oscar Rejlander, did studies of child-nudes; it was a trendy subject for the time and also children to be then viewed as a prize of innocence. These type of photographs would certainly be printed on greeting cards, or displayed on their parents mantelpieces (Wakeling). Carroll only took this photographs with permission indigenous the children’s parents, frequently in their presence or that of a governess or nurse (O’Connor), and only if the children were completely at ease v it. He made sure that ~ his fatality those images were damaged or returned to the children.

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Q: I have actually a very old execution of the book. Carry out you know exactly how much it is worth, or can you aid me discover the posting date?

A: No. Regrettably there is no “price guide” to identify the current value that antiquarian books. The value of your edition counts on a many of different factors, among others the state it is in. Together I am not an antiquarian bookseller, I have no expertise of appraising or dating old books, and can just advise you to visit a dependable antiquarian publication dealer in your vicinity.

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Please keep in mind that old or antique books aren’t necessarily an useful just because they are old. If her copy is not a first edition, very rare, or has any type of special functions like an inscription from Lewis Carroll, it won’t be really valuable. If it’s in a bad condition, the won’t be beneficial either.