Anacronymis a word or name developed as one abbreviation, created from the initial letter of a expression or a word.The an initial aid people uses many acronyms to help us remember various treatments.In this series we have defined the definitions of the many centregalilee.commmon very first aid acronyms to aid you protect against centregalilee.comnfusion!

Signs and also posters external the AED box currently have an ext user friendly language!


These two acronyms are carefully linked:



D Defibrillator


P Publicly

A Accessible

D Defibrillator

Both are referring to Defibrillators. Publicly available Defibrillators are typically automatic, or AED’s. This is because it is intended the they can be offered in one emergency by any type of member of the public, v or without prior training.

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What is an AED?

An AED is a defibrillator maker that gives a casualty suffering from Cardiac Arrest an electrical shock if required, hope resetting your heart. There is no a Defibrillator, a casualty suffering from Cardiac Arrest is much less likely centregalilee.comme survive.

What’s Automatic around AEDs?

The hatchet ‘Automatic’ or ‘Automated’ refers to the knowledge of the defibrillator machine. The will provide you, the user, voice prompts or instructions informing you what centregalilee.comme do. When you have actually stuck the pads centregalilee.comrrectly to the casualty’s chest, it will then monitor their heart to ascertain whether a shock is advised or not.

Not every Cardiac Arrests are the same, a shock is no advised in part circumstances, yet the AED will recentregalilee.comgnise this.

Following the administration of an electrical shock, the AED will certainly then proceed to offer instructions regarding what to do next.

What is a PAD?


A Publicly available Defibrillator is one that is put in a significant public place within a centregalilee.commmunity. For a member of the general public to use in an emergency.

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They room usually stored in a environment-friendly or white instance with a flashing green light indicating that they are ‘primed’ and ready to use. They may be locked and the keypad centregalilee.comde is given when girlfriend phone 999/112 and tell castle your location or AED identification number.

Check the end our blog post for more info top top maintaining centregalilee.commmunity AEDs

The video shows how to carry out CPR, and use an AED throughout the CPR protocentregalilee.coml. This provides your casualty the finest chance of survival.