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If you’re a fan of the color red, there’s a high chance that you’ll also be captivated by its popular variant, crimson.

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Often associated with the color of fresh blood or the melodramatic view of a ripened sunset, crimson has long been present in nature and even in ourselves.

Given its enthralling depth and vividness, it comes as no surprise that the color has invaded not just the arts, but fashion and design landscapes as well.

If you’re currently looking for fresh new colors to try for your daily getup or simply looking for additional hue options for your next art project, crimson might be a great choice at the moment.

After all, the color carries with it a diverse set of meanings that are sure to add interesting value to your style and artwork.

Interested to know more about crimson? Read on…


Since it also resembles the color of blood, it has also been taken as a representation for anger, revenge, ruthlessness, and even lust.

In certain points in history, crimson has also been named a symbol for mourning, as heightened by the depth and mystery the color suggests.

What Colors Make Crimson

Since crimson resembles a reddish-purple, recreating it only requires simple color-mixing strategies. Specifically, you only need to mix pure red paint with some purple. However, depending on your desired result, the ratio of each paint color may vary.

If you want to attain a darker crimson, increasing the amount of red and purple might do the job.

However, if you want to attain a more vibrant hue, adding a small amount of white paint into the mixture might be the best alternative.

Crimson in Arts and Design

If you’re eyeing to incorporate crimson in your art and designs, it’s best to know what other hues are best paired with it.

Generally, since crimson has been widely used as a symbol for luxury and sophistication, pairing it with colors such as bronze, maroon, or green will help you achieve an elegant and vintage look.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a modern appeal, using neutral colors such as beige or sand-dollar might do the trick.

The Bottom Line

Strong, vivid, and powerful – that’s what crimson is. For years, the color has managed to carry tons of spectacular meanings that cut across statuses, emotions, and mysteries.

Whether you’re simply looking for ways to add more depth to your fashion or wanting to add more color options to your art, turning to crimson is sure to help you achieve whatever style and vibe you’re aiming for.

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Now that you know what the meaning of crimson is you can use it many aspects of your life.