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Since I’ve been living through a surname Jesus because that the critical 30 years, ns feel I have the right to answer this question.

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It is extremely typical in Mexico for world to offer diminutives/nicknames come names, some examples:

Francisco: Pancho/Paco

Mariano: Nano

Jose: Pepe

Salvador: Chava

Enrique: Quique

Josefina: Chepina

Jesus: Chucho

So it is an extremely common to world named Jesus come be called by your families and also friends Chucho, due to the fact that its plainly not a diminutive (being longer than the original name), that gets diminished to ‘Chuy’ because that simplicity/friendliness.

Note, occasionally the nicknames/diminutives of names have actually no relation at all through the initial name, can be part pun/wordplay or the family members just decided to contact you that due to the fact that young and it stuck.

Also note that in some components of Mexico a “Chucho” is likewise another way to to speak dog.

Appendix:Spanish diminutives of given names

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Luis Fernando Mata Licón, Being northern Mexican since I was born.
Answered Sep 4, 2014
After browsing in Google ns couldn’t find any fiable source, just forums and also one write-up in a history of nicknames page, they say Chuy means:“Cristo Hijo Unico de Yahveh” (Crhist just son that Yahweh). This comes from Jesus Christ and the bible.For me it seems that the acronym come after the nickname and not before. But I don’t understand for sure.
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Josue Amaya, Mexican, traveler, and like to understand the exactly how to and also why
Answered Jun 19, 2015
I can’t totally explain it and also I´m mexican.I can only point out the MANY usual Spanish nicknames are developed by combing “Ch” v a syllable or rate of the complete name. “Chuy” is just one example.A girl called Isabel is regularly nicknamed “Chavela.” A man named Ernesto is often called “Che” (it wasn’t just Senor Guevara!). That’s simply a pattern within Spanish.To questioning “why” is like asking “why execute so countless English nicknames it seems to be ~ to it is in rhymes because that shortened versions of the complete name(“Bob” because that Rob/ert,” “Bill” because that Will/iam, “Ted” because that Ed/ward, etc.)?” The factor is… there IS no reason. Things just progressed that way.
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Eden Martínez, stayed in Mexico
Answered Sep 3, 2014

Most the the not blocked but really common nickname that mexican use, are component of the american-indian dialects. Also in the formal method Mejico is the correct method to order the name yet as part of our heritage we use the X and also sounds more close to together the english speakers pronounce, for us this will sound like like sh (shine). Because the name of the people was the mexicas (meshicas).

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Wilhelm Zapiain
Answered may 16

Some hypocorisms in middle ages Spain end in “-uy” (“Ruy” for “Rodrigo”, “Guy” for “Wido”). The yes, really pronunciation of “J” remained in flux during this period; this particular day is a tough sound, however it supplied to it is in softer, closer to the method the digraph “ch” is express today.

Also “Chuy” is near in pronunciation to the original hebrew “Yeshua”, probably due to ladino influence. “Jesus” route is longer, Latin and Greek space in the middle.

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Kate Kinser
Answered Mar 11, 2015

I have heard two explanations, one is the acronym, provided above (Cristo hijo unico de Yaweh). The various other is the “chuy” comes from a Nahuatl (the language of the Aztec peoples of Mesoamerica) word an interpretation “Lord”. Take your pick.

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Juan Carlos Barbosa Padilla, A random Mexican
Answered may 23

When you use a nickname is because you space a girlfriend or the decides to permit you to usage the nickname.

But if you room a stranger you should speak to the people by the name.

Is simply logic and also respect the answer.

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