a kid of Methuselah; the dad of Noah; one ancestor that Jesus.son that Methushael, a descendant of Cainson that Methuselah poor; made low


Strongs #2984: lamec Lamech

Lamech = "why therefore with thee?: unto bringing low" 1) the father of Noah

2984 Lamech lam"-ekh

the Hebrew origin (3929); Lamech (i.e. Lemek), a patriarch:-Lamech. See HEBREW for 03929


Strongs #03929: Kml Lemek

Lamech = "powerful" 1) the fifth lineal descendant native Cain, husband the Adah and Zillah, father of sons, Jabal, Jubal, and also Tubal-cain, and also daughter, Naamah 2) father of Noah

3929 Lemek leh"-mek

indigenous an unused root of unsure meaning; Lemek, the surname of 2 antediluvian patriarchs:-Lamech.

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the strikerdown; the wild man. (1.) The fifth in lower from Cain. He was the very first to violate the primeval ordinance of marriage (Gen. 4:18-24). His address to his 2 wives, Adah and Zillah (4:23, 24), is the just extant instance of antediluvian poetry. It has actually been referred to as "Lamech"s sword-song." He to be "rude and ruffianly," fearing neither God no one man. With him the curtain falls on the race of Cain. We know nothing of his descendants. (2.) The seventh in descent from Seth, gift the just son of Methuselah. Noah to be the earliest of his several sons (Gen. 5:25-31; Luke 3:36).


LAMECH1. Dad of Jabal, Jubal, and Tubal-cain, Gen. 4:18-24.2. Son of Methuselah, and also father of Noah, live 777 years, Gen. 5:25-31; 1 Chr. 1:3.Ancestor that Jesus, Luke 3:36.


- la"-mek (lemekh; Lamech, "a strong youth"?): (1) The name is first mentioned in Gen 4:18-24. Here Lamech, the kid of Methushael, is named as the critical of the progeny of Cain. He to be the dad of Jabel, Jubal, Tubal-cain, and Naamah. Together the husband of two wives, namely, Adah and Zillah, that furnishes the first recorded instance of polygamy. That is an extremely instructive to keep in mind that this "father of polygamy" at when becomes the very first blustering tyrant and also a braggadocio; we are completely permitted to attract this conclusion indigenous his so-called "swordlay" (Gen 4:23 f). He does not placed his to trust in God, but in the weapons and implements designed by his sons, or rather these instruments, enhancing the physical and material powers of man, room his God. That glories in them and misconstrues the magnificent kindness which insured come Cain flexibility from the revenge that his fellow-men. (2) another Lamech. Is mentioned in Gen 5:25,28 (compare 1 Ch 1:3; Lk 3:36), the boy of Methuselah and also the father of Noah. His indigenous (Gen 5:29) show the an excellent difference between this descendant of Seth and also the descendant of Cain. While the one is created to a track of defiance by the worldly innovations of his sons, the other, in prophetical mood, expresses his sure id in the comes of far better times, and also calmly and prayerfully awaits the duration of comfort and also rest i m sorry he supposed to be ushered in by his son Noah. Wilhelm Baur

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