In "The Raven," what six things go the narrator ask or say come which the crow responds "Nevermore"?
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"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe opens with the narrator make the efforts unsuccessfully come distract himself from thinking around how sad that is end the death of his lovely Lenore . He summary smiles once he is distracted by surprised as a raven unexpectedly knocks at his window and...

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"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe opens with the narrator do the efforts unsuccessfully to distract self from thinking about how sad the is end the fatality of his lover Lenore. He briefly smiles when he is distracted by surprised as a raven suddenly knocks at his home window and paris inside.

The narrator comments on exactly how serious and also spooky ("grim" and "ghastly") yet regal ("stately") the bird is and also then asks his an initial question: "Tell me what thy lordly surname is ~ above the Night"s Plutonian shore!" transparent the poem, the raven answers his questions and also statements with only the solitary word "Nevermore!" in ~ first, the narrator merely takes the reply together a funny name for a bird and also is disappointed that the bird states nothing else.

When the narrator comments the the raven will likely leave because "other friends have actually flown before," the crow repeats, "Nevermore." that is properly saying that it will never leave. This is even much more jarring, however the narrator find it amusing again, at least until his think drift inevitably earlier to shed Lenore.

The narrator next says aloud the the raven was sent by God as "respite and also nepenthe, from memories of Lenore" to assist him forget his grief. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, nepenthe is a "potion used by the ancients come induce forgetfulness of pains or sorrow." The raven instantly denies that by repeating, "Nevermore."

When the narrator hears the bird offers no expect of a rest from his deep sadness, he needs it answer one more question: "Is there—is there enjoyment in Gilead?" This is a referral to a bible passage, Jeremiah, which said that even if there is enjoyment in Gilead, it does no good. The narrator is questioning a hopeless question, which gets the hopeless answer "Nevermore."

The narrator the asks if the will ever before see Lenore and also hold her again in "Aidenn" or Eden, the blessed afterlife promised to those that accept Jesus Christ"s salvation in Christianity. The bird again claims "Nevermore." This could suggest the Eden isn"t waiting for Lenore, that she isn"t there, or the the narrator will certainly not be welcome. In any case, not having actually that reunion waiting later upsets the narrator badly.

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The narrator then shrieks because that the bird to leave and take that "beak from the end heart" (that is, to prevent deeply upsetting him). Together it comprise before, however, the bird is no willing to leave. It claims again, "Nevermore." quite than being the distraction the narrator hoped for, the raven turned the end to it is in the cause of an even more complete despair and hopelessness 보다 the grief he was emotion at the beginning of the poem.