These colored bands represent the separation of various chemicals through the process of chromatography. The procedure uses a solvent to move the early sample throughout some substrate (such together paper). The various physical nature of different chemicals will cause them to move at different rates and also separate.

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Chromaticity (chrom - aticity) - describes the shade quality based on both the color"s dominant wavelength and purity.

Chromatin (chrom - atin) - massive of hereditary material discovered in the nucleus that is created of DNA and proteins. That condenses to kind chromosomes. Dyed gets its surname from the reality that it quickly stains with straightforward dyes.

Chromatograph (chrom - ato - graph) - refers to the process of evaluation and separation by chromatography or come a device that can create a chromatogram.

Chromatography (chrom - ato - graphy) - a technique of separating mixture by absorption along a stationary tool such as document or gelatin. Chromatography was first used to separate plant pigments. There room several varieties of chromatography. Examples include column chromatography, gas chromatography, and document chromatography.

Chromatolysis (chrom - ato - lysis) - refers to the resolution of chromophilic product in a cell choose chromatin.

Chromatophore (chrom - ato - phore) - a pigment developing cell or fancy plastid in tree cells such as chloroplasts.

Chromobacterium (chromo - bacterium) - a genus the bacteria that develop a violet pigment and also can cause an illness in humans.

Chromodynamics (chromo - dynamics) - an additional name because that quantum chromodynamics. Quantum chromodynamics is a concept in physics that describes the interaction of quarks and also gluons.

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Chromogen (chromo - gen) - a substance the lacks color, however can be converted to a dye or pigment. It likewise refers to a pigment creating or pigmented organelle or microbe.