The heart Bear that resides on the Alaskan island where Cole is sent out symbolizes the power, beauty, and danger of the herbal world—as well as Cole’s an altering relationship come the organic world. In ~ first, Cole look at the bear as a danger to his feeling of power and also control. This is why, as soon as the chance presents itself, Cole attempts come attack and kill the soul Bear: in stimulate to preserve his image of himself together the most an effective force in his world, Cole must ruin the one thing that seems unafraid of him. The soul Bear, however, has actually no problem impressing upon Cole the power of nature as soon as it turns the tables and almost kills him. Following the attack, Cole have to reckon with the reality that next to the natural world—which, he starts to see, includes the weather and also the ocean, not simply the bear that practically killed him—he’s powerless. Ultimately, this culminates in Cole’s transition to view the natural human being as something to learn from and also respect. Thus, when Cole empties his mind and takes the time to immerse himself fully in the world about him throughout his 2nd stint on the island, the heart Bear regularly appears. As such, the pet comes to represent Cole’s oneness through nature.

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“Other pets come right here for water, too,” Edwin said. “How would you feel if a bear made its den alongside the stream?”

Cole shrugged. “I’d death it.”

The potbellied elder nodded through a discovering smile. “Animals feel the exact same way. Nothing forget that.” <...> “You aren’t the just creature here. You’re part of a much bigger circle. Find out your location or you’ll have actually a stormy time.”

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