It feels favor the X letter tattoo is a very straightforward symbol that can have some an unfavorable connotations and also implications. It deserve to be a prize of warning or most likely something dangerous or wrong. The is also associated through something that could be incorrect. However, in the tattoo community, that is much an ext than an implication. That is a letter that is thought about bold and an extremely provocative.

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The letter in itself has a really daring and erotic suggestion. The has additionally been attached to a human marking his territory rather of making use of his surname in the place. Thus, it is a depiction of whole human and their identification with just two lines.

Roman number, 10 is a letter X which deserve to denote many things. Therefore the letter X can be believed of as being both straightforward and facility and its lot of associations depend on the individual who has assigned this deisgn particularly when it involves body art and the method others know it.

Therefore, the X letter can be a very an individual tattoo architecture the value of which can only be well-known by the individual that gets this deisgn inked.

X Letter Tattoo Meaning

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The X letter tattoo architecture can mean a many of different things for different people. And also I guess the is the most crucial meaning, the one you have for your own self. This renders the tattoo even much more fun and an imaginative where there is some an individual story to share behind it.

Not everyone will certainly agree top top the same story and we all carry out have different notions behind the X letter tattoo design. We can, however, discover what rather think of this design and also see if any type of elements in the X letter tattoo can be linked with our own personal meaning.

Straight Edge

The indigenous ‘straight edge’ originates indigenous a subculture of punk rock music. Unlike number of of the ‘punk rockers’ that would misuse booze and pills, this hardcore suit of rockers to be abreast that the use of any kind of medications. Hardcore right edgers had actually a actual battle against those that would usage pills, extending as far as inciting riots and growing powerful with liquor, tobacco, or medicine users.

Those that were component of this knowledge would oftentimes be vegan or vegetarians, implying they would certainly not eat meat. Few of the hardcore straight-edge vegans would certainly not use any commodities the were experimented ~ above animals, or any kind of goods that placed creatures in wickedness’s means to create.

Commencing in the 1980s, directly edge punks developed in three unusual ways. In the beginning, the was simply the neighborhood people in the music industry that were drained that comprehending anyone splurged on drugs and also alcohol. They wanted the civilization to clean up their act. Years succeeding, right edge bands had actually been created and began to really take the sector by storm, fresh segments of this movement were built. Through the 2000s, the directly edge was at an all-time high, transforming its appearance as soon as again come a more aggressive station.

Although these personalities have actually amazing left-wing tendencies, they are also really traditionalists from assorted perspectives. Directly edge was an alleged to be source by the group Minor Threat. They came out through a song named ‘straight edge’ and also since then the prototypes the the number and also demand grew, they cultivated the name ‘straight edge’. As soon as asked around this put in order movement, the bandmates stated they had actually no plan of beginning a whole subculture. The year ensuing, numerous other bands bounced ~ above the directly edge wagon delivering the scene much more powerful 보다 ever.

Once the prevalence caught on v this brand-new display, a tape by the location of the teenager Idles began. One night when they to be assumed to execute a present in a bar, the bar manager apprehended they were every under the lawful drink age. Come make particular the band was not getting served liquor, the bar manager checked all of their hands through the figure of one X. This indicated the bartenders no to offer alcohol to anyone with an X on your hand due to the fact that they space minors. The band liked this arrangement so much that they took the concept and set it in clubs and also venues all over the country. This to be a way of engaging the younger crowd to come right into the venue, letting lock in the bars just if they have X’s top top the ago of their hands so the they would not be authorized come booze in ~ the bar. The X symbol was then being designated together a layout icon. Civilization would authorize their hands through X signs to prove the they were right edge, it started to grow into the culture’s trademark logo.

Straught edge band began to placed this X mark in native of your album consist of too. It was a symbol that was for this reason much associated with the straight edge the it was viewed everywhere. Castle would additionally have sXe composed in plenty of places which meant right X Edge. Three X in a heat was additionally a method of presenting the reality that one was sober and also preferred it the way.

Hardcore straight edge members then began to acquire designs v X’s or with weapons intersecting each various other to do an X. These hardcore directly edge organizations also got agitated. They would certainly swing by the local gas stations and markets anticipating for people to walk in come buy tobacco products or liquor. As soon as the buyer would certainly come out with every little thing item they purchased, gangs of right edge children would hit them developing bodily harm. State have changed though and also the directly edge step is a lot much more amicable now than it to be before.

X Designs

Since the X tattoo was made most well known by the directly edge community, segment of the straight edge scene started to gain varieties of this logo design as a tattoo. Choose the initial X mark on the back of the hand native the breweries and also clubs definition this character was not allowed to booze. The tattoo lovers in the straight edge culture got the X tattooed top top the ago of your hands. The earlier of the hands was not the sole area that directly edge members gained this tattoo nevertheless. Almost everywhere they could probably put it, they would have actually it inked. Having three X’s in a heat (XXX) is a different technique of explicate this concept.


Adding a graphic come the traditional X symbol is invariably a an option as well. This encourages extr representation that what your X is every about. In the straight edge society, the X is seldom illustrated with weapons intersecting each various other to form an X. Baseball bats space a favorite thing to placed in this form, along with axes, upright razors, and also even swords.

X Letter Tattoo Ideas

A big “X” can be shown in scrape marks, burns, or wounds in the skin i m sorry produces an energetic design that suggests fight. This can be a prize of past struggles that have injured or hurt the person and also moved them in some way and left them without a touch the healing. The level of misery deserve to be displayed in the photo depending top top the degree of the wound. One “X” make of scar mass can serve the opposite, a return from hardship and the stamin to relocate ahead.

An X i m sorry is make in the form of a stroke of the brush may be signified of one artist or a writer. This level symbol reveals that the person has the soul of the artist which signifies their entire existence. There are additionally numerous fonts the you have the right to pick for her X letter tattoo design and which will stand for your thoughts. Lines can likewise be included to the top and also bottom of the X letter to represent the roman inn number 10. The X can additionally be placed inside a crate or square figure which have the right to be thought of together a checked note box.

More miniature symbols have the right to be attached come the lines of the “x” too to kind a more facility picture. A love or star form organized right into the “x” makes a complete design and also makes it have a stylistic element that lowers the harsh nature the the intersection lines. The expansion of marks right into the “x” walk not certainly make the image more delicate and sensitive, particularly if the additions are sharp prefer straight lines include to each finish of the intersection lines. Soft, curving edge as discovered in the cursive type of words “x”, nevertheless, together objected to right lines, execute supplement lightness come the frame. The “X” shape can also be furnished together a thick block shape to it is in swelled in v a design or extra visual or icon.

In some cases, friend can likewise take the X symbols as a tribute to present shows, prefer X files, etc. Thus, the X letter i do not care a prize of a sci-fi or scientific research fiction genre the is an extremely popular amongst the boys especially. The symbolizes the obscure and unexplained. The number in this instance is blotchy and also rough and looks much like the lettering on an old copy.

X is one of the most identifiable characters in the English alphabet. Not only is X the 24th letter in the script, yet it is likewise applied in a selection of distinctive situations. If you space studying to get a style of the letter X, over there is supposedly something around it the you have the right to recognize with. Many characters with the X tattoo might take various effects behind it, for every tattoo, over there is normally a story to go follow me that additionally illustrates the design.

Before you take into consideration getting one X letter tattoo design, there are numerous things that you might want come consider. Here, we have consolidated at least 60 impressive X letter tattoo designs through all the possible meanings the they can have. The placement and also the design of the X symbol, its various styles, and also why a certain letter is for this reason popular, room all mentioned in the perform below. Hope you find your appropriate deisgn through this one.

X Letter Tattoo List

Adorable Letter X Tattoo style On Back


This X letter tattoo deisgn is made on the woman’s back and the center of the X is separated into two halves. The quote the is created in the center says “The reality is out there” which can be something significant for the woman. The color of this deisgn is black color which i am guessing is really badass.

Clear Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


X and O is a slang word because that hugs and kisses used by the youth. That is a cute couple deisgn which can be made on your wrist prefer this wearer has made right here today. So friend can obtain an X letter and convenience your friend or companion to gain an O letter together with you to do a entirety tattoo.

Simple Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This is a really special deisgn. The wearer has marked an X shaped figure on the forearm and there’s something written just below it. That is more than likely in Russian yet whatever language that is, ns am guessing that adds a little bit of exoticness come the deisgn. I really like the subtle fonts that have been used.

Fair Letter X Tattoo style On Arm


Instead of a solitary X letter, you can obtain this dual X. The deisgn here could have a different kind of meaning for this wearer but you have the right to make it for purely decorative reasons. The X below is a tiny bold and inside part sleek designs and patterns have actually been filled.

Gorgeous Letter X Tattoo style On Arm


Adding another letter tattoo to her X tattoo is rather a an excellent idea. This deisgn right below represents a logo. It looks choose a logo design for sure. The X here is merged with the ns alphabet. I really love the style and also how the ns is cutting right in the middle of the X alphabet.

Double Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This twin X tattoo deisgn looks fairly funny. In fact, the person has likewise got the photo clicked so the the two X represent the two eyes the the wearer. I have actually seen these type of deisgn in part horror show where a doll or a puppet has actually X shaped eyes.

Arrow shaped Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This is the deisgn of 2 arrows the look nice chic and also these arrows have actually intersected in the center which renders them get the shape of one X alphabet. I really prefer this deisgn and also it deserve to be a traveler’s selection because the two arrows represent two various directions.

Capital Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


although obtaining an alphabet tattoo deisgn is different and also stylish fonts are quite a trend these days, ns really favor this design which has been preserved to a bare minimum. I prefer how straightforward it is and also still, the looks very elegant and also sophisticated. This solitary X letter tattoo is enough.

Awsome Letter X Tattoo Design 


This X letter tattoo deisgn is over there different because it is over there a shaded text. The seems choose the X shape style has been rather crafted the end of an rundown that has actually been made using a spray brush. I really like the green and blue color that provide this deisgn a spooky effect.

Paired Letter X Tattoo architecture On Wrist


The font of this X letter tattoo deisgn looks a little spookish however in a way, it also looks like the punch of one artist’s brushes. The is a good deisgn to it is in made top top the wrist due to the fact that the 2 X letters space in a pair. Friend can acquire this deisgn made on the nape of her neck as well if you like.

Tiny Letter X Tattoo style Below Ear


The neck is just one of the most common areas to acquire this kind of deisgn made. That is many popular amongst the guys. The guys love to obtain a bold and black squid letter tattoo deisgn like this X alphabet tattoo design It is looking very attractive.

Poised Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


The X alphabet below is made instead of the eye of the skull. X letter when represented in this means shows that it way danger indigenous something. This X letter here is made within the skull which certainly represents some type of peril. I really favor this design which is most generally worn by guys.

Attractive Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


Small Letter X Tattoo design On Neck


This X letter is do on the nape that the neck the this wearer. The is a great placement option for civilization who store their hair up in a bun, particularly girls who deserve to hide it and show that whenever they want. That is also a an excellent placement choice for guys since of their brief hair.

Massive Letter X Tattoo design Below Wrist


These two big and bolder X letter tattoo designs room made on the wearer’s wrist. The 2 alphabets are also combined with different kinds of facets like a rose. A rose here could have many connotations prefer romance or some other relying on the reasoning of the wearer.

Cute Letter X Tattoo design On upper Arm


This XO deisgn is at sight cute. It represents hugs and kisses i beg your pardon is created in the text massage language. It is a at sight cute deisgn if you have actually made it because that someone unique or make it together a corresponding deisgn through your partner or her friend. Ns really love the shorthand concept of it.

Bonding Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This X letter tattoo architecture might look like something rather at the very first glace. However, this deisgn is made the end of two Xs put on top of each other. I really love the result deisgn i m sorry looks super cute. The elbow is a an excellent place for a human being to gain this deisgn since it is fairly visible.

Magnificent double Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


The wrist seems to it is in the perfect area if you want to gain an alphabet letter tattoo deisgn. Here, the deisgn looks quite awesome. Therefore you have the right to make that in a ar where the is visible. However, this X letter tattoo style is interlocutor so girlfriend can also consider various placement options.

Attractive Letter X Tattoo Design


This X letter tattoo style can in reality be made on any component of the body. The is made within a circle i m sorry is in reality a great way to signify a tick note as you obtain in some type of MCQ test. Thus, that is a creative one.

Futuristic Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This X deisgn is do on the calf muscles of this person. This area has a most muscles and flesh and hence the deisgn here is a bit less painful. Friend can gain this beautiful roman day inscribed on your leg which deserve to be connected with some personal event or a person.

Lovely double Letter X Tattoo style On Arm


This twin X tattoo design looks quite awesome make on the area just over the elbows. This placement idea is pretty good because it makes the tattoo deisgn visible. Ns really prefer the bold strokes of this X letter tattoo design.

Colorful Letter X Tattoo design On Foot


This X letter tattoo deisgn is made on the feet that the person. The feet room a good place if you are a beginner and also want to start with acquiring a tattoo. That is much less complicated to hide a tattoo on her feet than almost everywhere else in the body. This X letter tattooed style seems together if it will glow in the dark!

Little dual Letter X Tattoo design On Foot Side


This X letter tattoo style is do on the side of the foot just below the ankle. This is a different and also unusual area to acquire a tattoo design, however whatever sails her boat and also whatever represents your layout best. This double X letter deisgn looks an extremely cute.

Handsome Letter X Tattoo style On Neck


This wearer is quite bold I must say considering he likewise has a tattoo top top his face. He has actually an X letter tattoo deisgn ~ above his neck i beg your pardon is nice visible. In addition to this, he got his bold black color X letter v a red lift which provides it even much more attractive come look at. This will certainly record a many attention.

Mystic Letter X Tattoo design On Ankle


This wearer has included another letter M with this deisgn. Now, the alphabets that have been used right here have different fonts which is a good way come make her deisgn unique. M and also X can likewise be for someone’s name, choose Max. There space multiple effects for this deisgn.

Arrow shame Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


These two arrows have been intersected v each other right in the center to make a quite X authorize on the calf the the wearer. The is a good deisgn to be worn top top the calf together it can also be symbolic of adventure and also travel. The arrows can likewise represent the directions.

Cute Letter X Tattoo architecture On Waist


This X and also O letter tattoo design is make on the ribs. The ribs offer a good space if you desire to acquire a huge tattoo architecture like this X and also O letter tattoo deisgn. It method something really affectionate i beg your pardon is pretty apparent from the addition of the extra red heart on the ribs the the wearer.

Simple Letter X Tattoo architecture On Neck


The nape that the neck uses a an excellent place specifically for the girls if she is put on the sort of clothing which will enhance her style and make the tattoo on her neck visible. That is likewise a good option for guys and many guys get alphabet tattoos done on your necks.

Plain Letter X Tattoo architecture On Finger Space


Getting a tattoo on your finger is a good style and also is an extremely much in fashion. You can additionally get this kind of deisgn because that yourself since most of the celebrities are likewise getting such designs which room petite and also sweet handmade top top the fingers. Different finger signifies various thing yet this deisgn watch super cool.

Cool Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This X letter tattoo design is do on the forearm the this person which looks quite cool. The forearm is a great spot because that this deisgn together it can also represent “the spot” for something,

Thready Letter X Tattoo Design over Chest


The wearer here has actually made 2 crosses a little apart native each other right top top his neck whereby his collar bones begin. It is among the trickiest components of the human body to get a tattoo deisgn because the front part of the neck is a little bit delicate. This looks quite robotic as if the wearer is some Frankenstein.

Bold Letter X Tattoo design on Shoulder


This bolder X letter deisgn is rather vast and the shoulder is the perfect location for this large kind the design. Many world get their X letter tattoo deisgn ~ above the shoulder due to the fact that if your tattoo is big, it will be accommodated conveniently in this place.

Amiable Letter X Tattoo architecture On Hand


A simple X letter on the hand deserve to be described as the cult of the straight edge which to be so renowned that many world who are against alcohol and also drugs and are vegetable or vegetarians started gaining this note on their hand. The is fairly a bolder X letter deisgn here.

Elegant Letter X Tattoo style On Arm


These arrows that have been interested appropriate in the center and make one X have the right to be a sign for the passion of searching or can additionally signify a traveler’s selection because it to represent direction. It has actually various connotations that can vary from human being to person.

Simple Letter X Tattoo design Behind Ear


If you want to gain a tiny X sign made, the area behind the ear seems to it is in a good place to do so since it is rather a visible rea. So even if her tattoo is small, the would administer an chance for girlfriend to display off your tattoo deisgn.

Handsome Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This interlocutor X later tattoo deisgn is do on the arms of the wearer., the is a great deisgn for human being who desire to show off their tattoo deisgn. It is no too small and is neither as well large. The is mediums sized and also thus perfect because that arms.

Amiable Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This is a quote indigenous the famed show, X-Files. Those estimates didn’t begin out gift told. They to be terms on our TV screens, an initial witnessed in the pilot episode of The X-Files, which very first aired on September 10, 1993.The gleaming indigenous “THE truth IS the end THERE” memorably emerged abreast that a dark sky at the finish of the show’s opened credits series. Lock soon prospered into a well-known and also often exaggeration maxim. And, considering the show was a huge success, its football player soon came to be stars in the more prominent Hollywood understanding of the term.

Elated Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This little X letter tattoo deisgn look at super chic and also hipster made on the eight of the wearer. This X letter has actually been included with part kinds the dots top top each open side the the deisgn. The is a pretty cool deisgn.

Energetic Letter X Tattoo design on Arm


Once again one XO letter tattoo style looks quite awesome. I guess this sign was an extremely much famous by the 90s punk and emo bands. Thus, numerous people began etching together a deisgn on your skins.

Letter X Tattoo style With Love top top Hand


This is a quite cute and hipster method of creating the tattoo deisgn especially the XO tattoo design. This X and O letters space written ~ above the hand where they’re pretty visible. Under that is written “til we overdose”, i beg your pardon is a quite cute and also romantic gesture.

Tiny Letter X Tattoo architecture On Wrist


You can convince your partner or girlfriend to acquire an X and also O letter tattoo deisgn through you. You can gain an X symbol and your partner have the right to probably get an O price on their skin.

Sincere Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This is fairly a bolder X letter tattoo design. Together designs space worth hearing on the wrist or the arm like this wearer has. Although this is not really a an easy X letter tattoo design. This X letter likewise has some beautiful designs within of that which is nice cute. You can include some an ext colors which will look great.

Big Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This X letter is quite bold and made top top the forearm of this wearer. That looks quite great. This bold X letter designs room usually opted by guys than women.

Demonstrative Letter X Tattoo design on Hand


This bold X letter tattoo deisgn is do on the hand of the wearer. It also has a great outline ideal on the side of that which gives it more meaning and renders it look super cool.

Painted Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


Passionate Letter X Tattoo design On Legs


This wearer has actually made the 2 X tattoo design on every side of the hamstrings. Hamstrings space a cool and smart place to gain a tattoo because it is not that ache as compared to the remainder of the body parts. I really think that the deisgn looks pretty amazing.

Concerned Letter X Tattoo architecture On Wrist


this to be hs make an X tattoo ~ above one side and also has composed something i beg your pardon completes her X letter tattoo on the various other wrist. That is a an excellent way to make her tattoo look smaller and also creative.

beautiful Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


An X letter tattoo deisgn was likewise made by Justin Bieber ~ above his arm. It is among the most far-ranging and well-known designs the he has and also trust me, he has actually a the majority of tattoos ~ above his body! Basically, the X was not an X together we apply it in the English script; it to be the Greek alphabet χ (hee) which resembles really related to an X in English.

The Greek letter X (hee) is the primary alphabet the the Greek word for Christ, Xristos ( Χριστός). This is why we likewise practice the compression Xmas for “Christ’s Mass” i m sorry is what the word Christmas really implies. His “hee” tattoo connects various other spiritual body arts items for Bieber, including a pair of praying hand on his left calf and also an symbol of Jesus ~ above his right. Thus, girlfriend can also get this deisgn if girlfriend are particularly religious.

Super Letter X Tattoo Design


This is quite a basic X letter tattoo architecture that looks quite bol sitting on the eight of this wearer. The is quite a simple deisgn.

Cute Letter X Tattoo design On middle Finger


This X letter tattoo deisgn is do on the center finger the the wearer i beg your pardon looks quite awesome. The different fingers stand for different things i beg your pardon are an excellent for personal assistance. Here, the X letter ~ above the center finger can mean many things.

Straight Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


It is a simple X letter tattoo deisgn on the arm of the wearer. It might seem very common but it is quite stylish and also popular.

Encircled Letter X Tattoo architecture On Arm


This deisgn is do right over the fishing eye of the wearer. The is a good selection if you want something bold and visible because that yourself.

Tiny Letter X Tattoo architecture On Wrist


You can obtain an X and also O letter tattoo deisgn ~ above your own self too. There are assorted ways. Friend can gain this sign made top top yourself with each other or you can put one alphabet ~ above one wrist or any kind of other component of the body and the other half on the other component of the body. It will be quite cool.

Miniature Letter X Tattoo style On Wrist


I really like how two world can do a solitary letter on your skin and when they combine it, it transforms out to be a whole brand-new thing for them. The is a good deisgn so it’s around time you convenience your partner or her friend for this type of deisgn.

Adventurous Letter X Tattoo style on Arm


This pattern is nice unique and also cool. It makes 4 triangles that together make one X symbol i m sorry is rather a clever way of law so.

Accurate Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


It appears as if the wearer has actually been bleeding X and also O in black color ink from his arm. I additionally like the enhancement of a little heart that division the monotony.

Colorful Letter X Tattoo style on Arm


I really love the idea of do this X letter tattoo deisgn bold sufficient so the it can be filled v some patterns. The patterns below are the face of a girl a beautiful increased flower. Probably the wearer has actually made that in the remembrance the a previous or recent lover.

Elevated Letter X Tattoo design On Arm


This deisgn is pretty bold and also seems like someone has crossed out in a multiple-choice inquiries test sheet. It have the right to have various interpretations according come the individual’s perception.

Bony Letter X Tattoo Design 


This X letter tattoo design is made with bones i beg your pardon is a pretty scary and haunting thing to do. It can represent various things. It have the right to be a authorize of a corridor or deserve to mean that one must stay away due to the fact that the wearer is lethal.

Marked Letter X Tattoo architecture On Finger


This X letter tattoo deisgn is make on the ring finger. The ring finger is often linked with love, commitment, and also marriage for this reason this X symbol have the right to represent the the person has been booked by someone because that their whole life. You have the right to also include your spouse’s surname to it.

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Dynamic Letter X Tattoo style on Arm


This X letter ns made top top the backside of your arm can be a an excellent chance because that you if you do not want it on the front.

Those were every the 60 exceptional X letter tattoo designs because that you to acquire inspired from! ns hope you preferred it all!