ns was reading a take care of Potter publication the other day and one of the characters, Nymphadora Tonks, greets harry by saying "Wotcher, Harry".

What is "Wotcher"?



Theory 1: It"s a convulsion of "what are you increase to" or "what are you doing". Basically, the last part (up to/doing) is completely dropped, and also the remainder is smushed together.

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Theory 2: it"s short for "what cheer", purportedly 17th century slang because that "what"s up".



The MSN Encarta dictionary and also freedictionary.com support Martha"s second theory the wotcher is contraction of "what cheer". The is a slang (U.K.) that way the exact same as hello. It should be provided that the is not clear whether the slang is still in use anywhere in the U.K.

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A colloquial greeting.


"Wotcher" is for this reason strongly connected with the southern of England, and also especially London, the it is frequently assumed to it is in Cockney Rhyming Slang. Part commentators have actually attempted to discover tortured rhymes for the prolonged "wotcher cock" slang type - "what"s her clock?", "watch her back" etc. In fact, "wotcher" long predates CRS and is a convulsion of the earlier greeting expression "what cheer?". In that form, the became component of the everyday centregalilee.com language in the early on Middle Ages.

Please check out the connected phrases.org.uk page for much more info.

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As reported by others, "wotcher" (or, as I"ve seen elsewhere, "watcha") is a greeting that has been used for a lengthy time in the UK. That is absolutely still in usage in north Kent, despite in a rather an ext middle-class accent 보다 in the eastern End.

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Two observations:

The very first word the the roll Stones" "Jumpin" Jack Flash" and

I patent remember when the Brit soap opera "Eastenders" was introduced in the US, the host of the show explained what the term meant, due to the fact that it was provided in the show"s dialog and also American audiences necessary to be educated about it. As an aside, brother readers might be enjoy it to know that PBS, which aired the series in America, was torn around whether to operation the present with subtitles, as the eastern End accents (and some words choose Nick Cotton"s use of "blancmange") were an overwhelming for american to process.

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