Naruto Shippuden 343 discover the identity of Tobi to be Obito Uchiha! We finally know who the notorious human being is behind the mask, i m sorry is none various other than Kakashi’s team mate. Naruto crack Obito’s mask to which Kakashi is paralysed as soon as he find out. We’re reminded of your story come which Rin is very involved. At the end of it every Madara arrives out of i do not have anything after beating the 5 Kages!






Naruto Shippuden 343 begins as Naruto begins with his attack, yet Obito conveniently escapes it making use of his method to relocate through anything. Kakashi fades the end to i m sorry he’s unable concentration on what he have to be doing. Obito it s okay underway come which he begins to launch huge Kunai’s out, a tentacle is blocked by punishment while Naruto block the one comes his way.

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Furthermore, Kakashi learns that Naruto has all of them, he it s okay revved up and also begins his counter attack. Obito go up and also launches a big number of metal rods come which they it seems ~ to be aimed at bee to which castle disable Bijuu jutsu’s and power. Naruto creates and clone and also goes to strike Obito to which Kakashi activates his Kamui.

Obito appears to have killed the shadow clone, Kakashi drops over if Obito tells him the he’s fail the Kamui, Naruto then creates a huge Bijuu Bomb. Obito walk in his inner human being to which that notices a shadow clone v a Rasengan over there to which the smacks the Rasengan best on Obito’s confront breaking finally breaking the mask.

The mask breaks as soon as we walk to the past, we see Obito see his friend go out from the school, come which he was late on applying too, but Rin assisted him out. While later on we check out Obito be so late helping the elderly, he’s provided a sweet come which as soon as he come he do the efforts to strike to impress but his sweet it s okay stuck and also they shed the match.

Rin help him out, he begins to train harder and also harder through all his techniques. He faces Guy in a match yet quickly loser to him. Kakashi deals with Guy and wins while Obito claims at Rin, it seems she likes him. Kakashi overcome his exams come which Obito keeps ~ above training till he passes his Chunin.

Rin speak him to satisfy Obito later on, that brings part flowers come which he thinks they’re on a date, but all their friends present up to which Rin gives him a document to which they want to memory him gift a Jonin. They walk a mission, Minato provides him among his one-of-a-kind knifes, Rin gives him a distinct medic case. Kakashi it s okay nothing native Obito. Minato speak Obito the his father has actually killed himself.

They every depart v Obito now acknowledging Kakashi together his leader. They go and encounter part villains, Rin is quickly taken through the enemy. Kakashi proposes that they end up the mission and come back to Rin while Obito mentions that world who break the rules are scum, yet people that break their promises are even worse.

Obito finds their hideout come which he’s about to get killed as soon as Kakashi mirrors up to conserve him. Yet the invisible villains acquire Kakashi in the eye. The foe goes for Kakashi and Obito as soon as he activates his Sharingan and also is may be to see everything, he kills the enemy and gets Rin back. They shot to escape once we check out that Obito has actually been crushed, we see Obito say the Kakashi is constantly great.

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We go back to the present time when Kakashi and also Guy space shocked to see Obito there, he appears to be Obito. Obito mentions the he doesn’t care. We see that Obito had aforementioned after killing the male that the will defend his comrades. We additionally see just how Kakashi was conserved by Obito when he acquired crushed. Because that Kakashi’s current for gift a Jonin we watch Obito provide him his left eye because that the one that’s to be damaged. He also mentions to defend Rin through his life. The adversary arrive and he’s buried.

Obito is alive, Naruto is described of who he is. Kakashi asks why he’s there when Obito mentions the it’s since he let Rin die! Kakashi is shocked, while Naruto mentions come him that they need to defeat the what’s around to happen. Obito goes for a Fire layout when Naruto stop it. Madara easily arrives and mentions that Obito sure is having fun. Naruto Shippuden 343 end here!

What one awesome and crazy chapter, after simply finding out that Obito is alive, we view the awesome and crazy Madara arrive, this is sure around to gain all crazy and awesome! i can’t wait for following week’s Naruto Shippuden 344, titled “Obito and Madara”, as soon as we uncover out everything and also anything about how Obito survived and also how it every connects with each other to Rin’s death!