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The Anasazi


Who to be the Anasazi?

Farming readjusted people"s lives. Because that the first time, human being couldlive in one place. Lock learned come live and work together. People no longerneeded to invest all their time searching for food. They couple of more food 보다 theyneeded. They saved grain come eat later. World had time to do pottery and also playgames.

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Different groups of aboriginal Americans resolved in each of the landareas the Arizona.

The old Ones

A group of world we now contact the Anasazi moved into the plateauregion the the Southwest. Anasazi way the "ancient ones". The fistAnasazi pursued wild animals and also gathered fruits, seeds and nuts for food. Theyused one atlatl to throw spears. Over plenty of years they began using stonedaggers together weapons. Even later, the people learned to usage bow and arrows.

After hundred of years, the people started farming and raisinganimals. Castle planted corn and also beans. This corn was not like the corn we havetoday. The corncobs were much more like a thin shaft of wheat. As time went on, theydeveloped better corn. They also had popcorn. They raised turkeys. They had actually dogsto help them pull hefty loads.

Baskets and Pottery

The very first Anasazi were referred to as "basket makers". Theywere solid beautiful baskets from part of the ycentregalilee.coma tree or wet willows thatbent easily. They brought food and water in your baskets. They also put hotstones and water in baskets to cook food.

Hundred of year later, the Anasazi started making ceramic forcooking and storing things. Most of the ceramic was black and white, however theydecorated some pottery with other colors. They traded pottery with other groupsof people for gems, jewelry, copper bells, buttons and beads.

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The Anasazi made clothing by weaving ycentregalilee.coma fibers, turkeyfeathers, and rabbit fur together to do robes and also skirts. Later grew cottonand offered it to do clothes.

Pit Houses and Cliff Dwellings

At first the Anasazi constructed pit houses partly underground. Thesides and roofs to be made of timber poles extended with brush and also mud. A fireburned inside in the winter and the exhilaration escaped from a feet in the roof. Sincethere to be no windows, the houses were quiet and dark inside. The world did muchof their work and also cooking exterior in the sun.

Later groups started to build big pueblos. They were like largeapartment dwellings made of stone or adobe bricks, Adobe is make by mixing mud andstraw and baking the bricks in the sun. Because that each roof, great of heavy logs werelaid across the walls. Many of the rooms were supplied for storing food, Peopleclimbed up lumber ladders to go from one level to the next.

Cliff residences were amazing locations high increase on the political parties of rockcliffs. The cliff residence were not easily struck by enemies. Every day peopleclimbed up and down wooded ladders to work-related in the flat gardens at the peak of themesa or in the valleys below. Every pueblo or cliff house had a round,underground room dubbed a kiva. Guys climbed down a ladder v a feet in theroof to gain inside. They supplied this room for spiritual ceremonies.

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Where go the Anasazi go?

No one to know what happened to the Anasazi, but after plenty of yearsthey left their cliff houses. There was a lengthy dry period, and also the people neededto prosper crops. Perhaps they relocated to uncover water and never came back.

Many Hopi people living today plenty of be the progeny of theAnasazi, who went back to that component of the plateau numerous years later.