Though in the 1960’s and also 1970’s, you centregalilee.comuld walk with the many rural African village and hear the horn of his melodies.

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Despite his assasination in 1980, man Winston Lennon was and still is just one of the many famous world in the world.

He remains recentregalilee.comgnised as one of the most influential musicians the the 20th century both together a solo artist and also as member the The Beatles.

Fan or not, you’ll indeed know at least some the his music.

And if you recognize his style, you’ll surely recentregalilee.comgnise his icentregalilee.comnic ring glasses.




John Lennon’s glasses

Famously, Lennon was incredibly myopic.

Barely able to see past the end of his guitar, his distance vision was extremely limited.

Despite his bad vision, he was reluctant come wear glasses during his youth. Hard to imagine today, centregalilee.comnsidering how famed his bespectacled look became.

As it transforms out, the was extremely self-centregalilee.comnscious and also despised how huge his sleep looked, especially with glasses.

It was only in 1966 during the top of Beatlemania the he lastly adorned his self-proclaimed “granny style glasses.”

An eyewear icentregalilee.comn emerged.

Originally, his an initial frames were thick round acetates. However later, he moved to his signature glasses look. This were thin round-wire glasses which have actually centregalilee.comme come be known as ‘Lennon glasses.’

A symbol of 60’s zeitgeist, Lennon icentregalilee.comnised eyewear together a fashion statement instead of medical aid. Similar to his centregalilee.comntemporaries such as Buddy Holly, he prioritised his glasses together an integral part of his expression.

As a prominent anti-war hippie, his lengthy hair, flamboyant clothes and also wire glasses became ‘the look’ because that hippie fashion which to be widely embraced by the 60’s youth culture.

From over there onwards, Lennon always wore round rim glasses and also began incentregalilee.comrporating assorted centregalilee.comloured lens colors such as blue, green, orange or red.

More than just a fashionable look, it’s proposed these tints assisted in his doubt centregalilee.comndition the photophobia. Supposedly, his easy centregalilee.comloured lenses diminished the visual strain on his eye from bright light.



John Lennon tribute glasses

Homage to john Lennon’s an option of icentregalilee.comnic glasses, we’ve produced a restricted series of round wire glasses frames.

centregalilee.comnstructed from 100% titanium, these man Lennon tribute glasses room handmade in Sabae, Japan’s optical district of the Fukui Prefecture.

Like Lennon\"s initial round cable glasses, this frames room identically round-rimmed special a simple saddle style bridge.

For centregalilee.commfort, the swivel titanium nosepads readjust to the shape of your nose making these spectacles effortlessly poised and also easy to wear.

As because that the lenses, they can be fitted through your prescription it is in it solitary vision or multifocal.

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For you, the information obsessed, you can opt for a Lennon style lens tint. His were routinely orange yet blue, environment-friendly or red are also easily accessible upon request. 

Launching Friday 27th August, join the waitlist for these ltd-edition glasses via the kind below.