A small live ant has actually accidentally gone into my nose. Ns tried to punch it out however not sure around it? have the right to it get in the brain or lungs? and lay egg there? What space the symptoms?



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The ant, by all means, will be dead and also blown the end of your nasal airways due to the fact that our nose has the following protective mechanisms.

1. Sleep vibrissae (small hairs) i m sorry block particles size of an ant.

2. Viscous secretions (mucus) upon which still smaller particles like dust get glued (about the size of 0.5 microns).

3. Sneezing is a security reflex activity whereby foreign bodies irritating nasal mucosa is thrown the end vigorously adhered to by copious secretions which wash out rest of noxious items in the nose.

4. Immunity, details immunoglobulins, match proteins, ions, and also other molecules.

Hence the ant cannot endure inside the nose. Leave alone laying eggs.

Now in case, the does survive, next most possible event is it obtaining washed and also glued to the mucus and also then swallowed along with saliva and reaching the stomach whereby the acid will kill it. Nasal secretions monitor a organic path in the direction of the throat, then esophagus and finally stomach. If it does make any type of attempt to pass all over else, it will certainly bite you, and also you would wince in pain.

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There is for sure no opportunity of the entering the mind without your having experienced the ache of that is biting. Over there is no direct interaction with mind unless it navigates with the skull base (bone). There is no opportunity it start the lungs with the air girlfriend breathe because our safety mechanisms stop particles as little as 0.5 microns. If you are still worried placed a few drops of saline nasal drops ~ above either side of nose and rest in level sleeping position for five minutes. This will include bulk to the rubber (nasal secretions) and also wash turn off the impurities. You can spit what comes right into your throat.

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