It is necessary that a student knows wherein 0 is allowed in a fraction. Can it it is in the numerator, the denominator, or both? The price is that it have the right to ONLY it is in the NUMERATOR! You can NOT divide by Zero.

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A Trick to Remembering where Zero can Go in A Fraction

An simple trick ns learned (if i remember correctly) indigenous a student once I teach at a neighborhood college is that it is O/K for 0 to be the numerator, yet it’s a N/O because that 0 to be the denominator.

So it have the right to be the numerator/top the the portion as that’s OK. However, 0 have the right to NOT it is in the denominator/bottom as it’s a NO NO!

How to advice a fraction Where Zero is the numerator or the Denominator

What’s the difference in exactly how we advice a fraction if 0 is the numerator versus once it is the denominator? as soon as 0 is the numerator and NOT the denominator, the portion is same to ZERO. If however, 0 is the denominator, mathematicians speak to that fraction UNDEFINED (it’s no a number).

So for example, 0/2= 0, 0/-10 = 10, 0/100 = 0, 0/1 = 0.

However, 2/0 is undefined. -10/0 is undefined. 100/0 is undefined. 1/0 is undefined.

What is Zero split by Zero same to?

0/0 is also called unknown by mathematicians. Anytime that 0 is the denominator of a fraction, the portion is referred to as undefined.

How will certainly this be vital in Algebra?

Remembering the 0 can not it is in the denominator will certainly be vital in Algebra. For example, when asked come graph the reciprocal role y = 1/x, we have to remember that x can not it is in zero since we deserve to NOT division by zero. So together you will find out in Algebra, the domain (the domain is the input values of the function that produce a genuine number output….don’t concern you can learn this later on in Algebra)….so the domain here is all the real numbers except for 0.

If given a sport of the reciprocal function ( a transformation) such as y = 1/(x-2), again, we have to remember, that the denominator x-2 deserve to NOT it is in zero. The only real number that will certainly make x-2 zero is 2. So here the domain is all genuine numbers except for 2.

Use the easy trick OK and NO to remember the zero can be the numerator but NOT the denominator that a fraction.

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