once as a son he had sat top top a yellow dune by the sea in the middle of the blue and also hot summer day, trying to to fill a sieve v sand, due to the fact that some cruel cousin had actually said, “Fill this sieve and also you’ll obtain a dime!” and also the quicker he poured, the faster it sifted through with a hot whispering. His hands to be tired, the sand was boiling, the sieve to be empty. Seated there in the middle of July, without a sound, that felt the tears move down his cheeks.
together Montag rides the subway top top his way to watch Faber, that recalls a trick the his cousin played on that by trying to get him to fill a sieve through sand, knowing that the sand would autumn through the open spaces. As a child, Montag could see that no matter how tough he tried, no issue how fast he worked, the sieve i will not ~ fill through sand, and yet he preserved trying. Montag’s childhood memory symbolizes his present situation: despite his efforts, Montag feel that very same frustration as soon as trying to understand the truths the life.

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there were civilization in the suction train yet he held the publication in his hands and also the silly thought came to him, if you review fast and read all, maybe some that the sand will stay in the sieve. But he read and the words dropped through, and he thought, in a couple of hours, there will be Beatty, and here will certainly be me handing this over, therefore no phrase need to escape me, every line have to be memorized.

While riding on the subway, analysis a book, Montag do the efforts his best to memorize every line of the text. He knows the publication will be confiscated at part point, therefore he tries come read and also memorize as easily as possible. However, as he learned together a child when trying to fill the sieve v sand, the more quickly he “pours” the details into his brain, the an ext quickly it overcome through. The image of the sand falling v the sieve symbolizes Montag’s fruitless initiatives to retain what he is reading.

<“>Books were just one kind of receptacle wherein we save a the majority of things us were fear we could forget.<”>

Here, Faber defines to Montag the the physical publications themselves space not as crucial as the details they contain. Just as the sand will always sift out through the sieve, the human being mind will constantly forget details particles that information, no issue how tough it tries to remember. Publications symbolize the remedy to preventing up the holes in the brain’s sieve together they for sure that information is held and always obtainable for reference, never ever to be forgotten.

As Faber explains to Montag the three points that world need in stimulate to it is in happy, that lists the an initial as “quality the information”—a detail readers might infer to mean that the info from publications is of better quality 보다 that relayed in the programs watched ~ above parlor walls—and the second as recreation to digest the details they take in. Fairly than try to consume the information as quickly as possible as Montag go on the subway, Faber believes human being should take time to think around what they review and try to understand it, even challenge it, fairly than just accept it as the finish truth. Simply as a sieve can’t be filled with sand no matter how quickly it is poured in, info can’t be processed by just reading it and also moving on.

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the tried to piece it every together, come go earlier to the typical pattern that life a few short days back before the sieve and also the sand, Denham’s Dentifrice, moth voices, fireflies, the alarms and excursions, too much for a few short days, too much, indeed, because that a lifetime.

As Montag runs from the mechanically Hound after death Beatty, he wishes he could return to his life from simply a couple of days ago, connecting the adjust in his life to the analogy the the sieve and the sand. That moment on the subway, when Montag psychic the event from his childhood and related it to trying to capture an intangible truth, is as soon as he establish he could no longer exist in the human being as that was. The knew he could not be happy approximately ignorant civilization such as Mildred when he longed come learn more about the world.

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